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Have you ever noticed how people nowadays are more inclined towards ethnic attire? The most followed tradition among people is wearing their specific cultural clothing or dresses to show affection towards their culture. People often find it confusing to pair their kurtas with particular jewellery. 

Indian attire, when paired with silver chunky jewellery gives a gorgeous boho look. The boho chic outfit never disappoints us as it gives aesthetic vibes and is more prevalent in today’s modern time. To make it even more elegant, you can add some silver pieces of jewellery, which work like a cherry on top. 

In this particular blog, we will learn more about trendy outfits and essential tips to help you select your perfect clothing match.

How to Style Indian Kurtas with Exquisite Silver Jewellery?

Here are some options for kurtas that go well with silver jewellery. Let’s have a look:

  • Indigo Blue Kurta with Statement Silver Jewellery

Who doesn’t like the colour blue? It always goes ten on ten. When it comes to styling your indigo print kurta with some jewellery, you can go straight to silver jewellery. The fantastic shine of silver jewellery offers the same shine to your indigo-blue kurta, too and makes it look even more appealing and attractive. Indigo blue kurtas have several scopes of styling with various bottoms and jewellery.

  • A Set of Chikankari and Silver Jewellery

No matter what the occasion is, a chikankari kurta is all you need. To help you get your perfect match, you can check out House of Chikankari. A chikankari kurta set with silver jewellery is a very decent match, irrespective of the colour of your kurta. Chikankari adds taste to your wardrobe. It not only beautifies your looks but makes you feel comfortable.

  • Marwa Chikankari Mulmul Straight Kurta with a White Palazzo

As the name suggests, a marwa chikankari mulmul straight kurta comes with a soft and skin-friendly fabric. It is long and straight with all-over embroidery specially made to wear in the ongoing festive season.

These kinds of kurtas are widely preferred over any other clothing as it is super comfy and convenient because of their smooth fabric. For the bottom part, you can have a straight white palazzo, which makes you all set for the celebrations. White palazzo is a suitable match for almost all modern traditional wear nowadays.

  • Rumi Embroidered Velvet A-line Kurta Set

Statement silver jewellery needs bright colours to show how well it can perform. A-line kurta set comes with a floral touch at the end of the kurta. Because of this A-shape phenomenon, your body appears in a perfect shape. As we mentioned earlier in this blog, silver has its own shine, and you can style it with any fabric, colour or kurta type. So, lightweight statement silver jewellery will be complementary to it.

  • Short sleeveless kurta and a white palazzo

If you are a fan of Western culture and want to add a little touch-up of Western style to your traditional wear, then this short sleeveless kurta can prove a better option. It is open and free at the shoulder part, which gives you the needed and stylish indo-western look. 

With this kurta, a white straight palazzo would be a perfect companion. This unique pair of short sleeveless kurta and a straight palazzo makes you feel ethnic and trendy at the same time.

  • Chikankari Short Angrakha Set

The distinctive thing about this chikankari short angrakha set, which makes it stand apart from the rest, is its remarkable embroidery work. And because of the embroidery, it doesn’t even need much of the jewellery to wear. It is designed in such a way that it single-handedly can enhance your overall look with minimum jewellery. 

Final Word!

It is undeniable that, like any other object, your wearing clothes should also be chosen wisely from a confidential and appropriate source. Buying ill-suited and flawed clothes will wipe out your emotions towards ethnic wear. The house of chikankari is packed with a large variety of chikankari kurtas with different colours along with the accuracy of sizes. 

Brighten your festivals and cultural occasions with the evergreen and elegant collection of kurtas with a magnificent touch of silver jewellery. We hope you have found the blog informative and fruitful.

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