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Do you know Web Push Notification? This notification from your browser and pushed by the operating system of your device can significantly increase SEO traffic on your site and your income. Find out how this format can become one of your best levers for monetizing your website or blog with the web push notifications.

Editing a website or blog requires various investments: a lot of time of course, but also sometimes significant human and financial resources to ensure its success.

In order to make these investments profitable, many site creators are turning to display advertising or affiliate advertising to monetize the audience of their site. But it is not always easy and fruitful! More and more browsers are reducing the use of cookies or even completely eliminating the collection of user data. In addition, with one in three Internet users using an AdBlocker, the effectiveness of banners and other online advertising is always more limited.

To avoid that your content publications serve only the growing advertising spaces on your site and that the publication of quality information remains your first profession, there are other ways to monetize your site and increase your income.

What is a Web Push Notification?

A web push notification, also called web notification, is a clickable message from the browser and sent directly from the computer or phone OS (Windows, Mac, Android) of a user who has consented to receive information by this bias. It is displayed in the form of an instant message consisting of:


  • A title
  • A 145 character message
  • A picture
  • A call to action button

Web notifications appear directly in the bottom right corner of the computer screen or as a mobile application notification.

Build audience loyalty while respecting the internet user and the GDPR

Less intrusive than conventional advertisements, Web Push Notifications are integrated with respect for the privacy of Internet users and the GDPR:

Internet user consent is required to activate web notifications.

The internet user can unsubscribe at any time, from their browser or directly from the notification received.

Cookies are not necessary to retarget a user by web push notification. These are therefore not threatened by the latest browser updates aimed at reducing the collection of personal data from Internet users.

Monetize the audience of your site, even the Ad-blocked one!

Web notifications are a fully compatible and complementary source of income to those already existing on your site. They do not take the place of other advertising spaces, nor do they add them: the notifications are displayed directly on the mobile, the tablet or the computer of the Internet user, and this uncorrelated from his web browsing.

In addition, they are not subject to adblocker filters. This makes it the first anti-Adblock display monetization support! More than a third of Internet users have activated an adblocker, you can expect to recover up to 30% of additional revenue from this audience that does not bring you anything on your site.

Web notification: a complementary lever easy to activate

Web push notifications require no daily management time. After creating your account you only have a simple script to integrate on your site to activate the collection of subscribers to web notifications. Several customizable collection formats are available to fit your site and its graphic charter.

Once your script is activated, all you have to do is follow the evolution of your subscriber base and the revenues.

Increase traffic to your site and improve your SEO

The web notifications generated in the form of instant messages, make it possible to create recurring traffic on the part of the Internet users subscribed to the web push notification of your site.

Each time you publish blog articles or create a new page, you can alert your subscribers in real-time.

Your natural referencing, therefore, benefits from this quality traffic, and your audience increases regularly. Web notifications thus create a virtuous circle for your SEO and allow you to create an ever-growing fleet of active subscribers.

Did you know?

The subscription rate for web push notifications is on average 15 times higher than the newsletter subscription rate. Web notifications are therefore conducive to quickly generating more traffic to your site than your newsletters. As you can see, Web Push notifications are a great way to increase your visibility while ensuring regular income.

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