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Going on a weeks-long business trip can no doubt be a thrilling and empowering experience. There’s just something about experiencing a brand-new environment, meeting new people, and being exposed to new ideas that gets your professional juices flowing. The question is, where should you live while you’re away from home? Based on a recently published article, corporate housing is one of the best options for business travelers looking for temporary homes, according to business guru Brian Ferdinand.

A Look at Corporate Housing and Its Advantages

The recently published article for business travelers offers several reasons why corporate housing is a no-brainer compared with other travel accommodation options, such as extended stay hotels.

For starters, corporate housing provides luxury accommodations for business travelers with both long-term and short-term rental needs, according to Ferdinand in the article. A corporate housing unit is essentially a high-end apartment, single-family home, or condominium located in a highly desirable residential or urban neighborhood. Thus, this type of accommodation offers tremendous material advantages and value that you won’t find with housing in lower-end areas.

Corporate housing units like those corporate rentals Chicago also stand out because they offer all of the amenities you’d enjoy at home, according to Brian Ferdinand. This is something that you can’t get with alternative accommodation options, such as extended stay hotels and even furnished apartments, according to Ferdinand.

Additional Corporate Housing Benefits

Another major advantage of corporate housing is that you can conveniently rent this type of housing for longer than one month and under one year. The problem with renting an apartment is that apartment complexes typically require tenants to sign 12-month leases. Meanwhile, hotels are perfect for week long stays at the most. Fortunately, through their short-term rental offerings, corporate housing providers fill the gap left behind by hotels and traditional apartments.

Corporate housing also provides the benefit of cutting costs for business travelers. That’s because corporate housing usually provides more substantial savings compared with extended stay hotels.

The reality is, the costs of hotels can quickly add up, particularly if you plan to stay in one for more than one month. However, the best corporate housing providers offer competitive prices for their units while also offering more living space and more amenities. With the right corporate housing situation, you can feel at home even when you’re on the road, and this can make your business trip even more meaningful and satisfactory from start to finish.

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