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The e86001 Brose belt replacement kit has the e86001 mark. This kit has been used by 3 customers, and has worked perfectly. I was able to order 3 replacement belts for different Brose models and they are all working perfectly. They have been in use for four weeks and are still going strong. I highly recommend this belt. It’s definitely worth the money! If you’re having trouble with your Brose belt, follow these steps.

Replacement kit for e86001 Brose belt

We purchased three replacement kits for our electric mini bikes, and they all worked well. We’ve since purchased more for friends and family, and they’ve had them running for four weeks. We’re very pleased with their performance. These replacement kits have 81 teeth, and have been designed to fit our Brose T SC TF-Mag motor, E86001. The belt is made of nylon elastic fabric, which gives it a long flex life.

Software update for e86001 Brose belt

The latest Brose motors will come with a free software update that reduces peak loads and belt strain. This update is only necessary for those who know how to service a Brose motor. This software update should not affect the performance of the motor, though. New motors will feature reinforced belts and other hardware improvements, too. This firmware update is available to all Brose owners.

Troubleshooting guide for e86001 Brose belt

I’m a big fan of the e86001 belt tensioner, and I was a little worried when mine suddenly started to squeal. Thankfully, Brose has a troubleshooting guide for the e86001 belt tensioner, which can help anyone with any troubleshooting issues they might have with their Brose machine. The troubleshooting guide will go over how to check the belt tension screw, which is located on the tensioner. First, make sure you tighten it all the way. Once you have it tightened, you can check the speed box 1.0.

Is the e86001 Brose Belt Worth the Money?

We’ve all wondered if the e86001 Brose Belt is worth the money, and the answer is a resounding “yes.” The belts are made to last a very long time, and we’ve bought 3 different sets for different machines. So far, the replacement belts are working well. But what’s the catch? We didn’t have time to research the different kinds, so we simply went online and read reviews.
The Brose motor line has dramatically more power than most competing systems. The Brose S motor produces 90nm of torque and 550 peak watts. It’s the same motor you’d find in a leisure bike or an off-road mountain bike, but it’s 20% peppier. And it’s smooth and vibration-free. Plus, the motor doesn’t drop out when you’re pedaling at full force.

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