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Protective clothing is a necessity in the medical industry. These nonwoven aprons provide protection against particulate matter and limit liquid splashing when in contact with infectious agents. Often offered with a cap, elastic cuff and waistband, they are designed for an enhanced experience while providing complete freedom of movement. 

You can find reusable protective medical clothing or choose disposable isolation clothing according to the nature of work and use. While white aprons were more commonly used worldwide in the medical industry, physicians have changed the trend since the 19th century, based on studies by scientists. White coats have now been replaced by blue, green, or black, as white coats may tend to spread superbugs in hospitals. 

Different types of doctor’s aprons

Medical aprons protect you and your patients and are easy to put on. You can buy an apron made from a durable plastic material that is 100% recyclable from Abena in Finland. This company, apart from supplying aprons, has dealt with various healthcare solutions since 1953 and has a strong presence in a number of countries. 

The most common types of aprons used in healthcare industries are explained as under:

  • Even when white represents the physician profession, there are also different aprons used in the healthcare industries, including different colors and sizes.
  • Not all aprons are created the same, and neither represents the same profession.
  •  An apron type depends on the type of work the person is dealing with. For example, a nurse can’t wear a doctor’s coat.
  • Similarly, a surgeon and a radiologist don’t use the same type of coat.
  • Coats that are more commonly used are long lab coats, often worn by chemists, for example.
  • Some professionals wear a short lab coat.
  • Other types of coats include consultant’s coats, lab jackets, colored lab coats, reusable coats, disposable coats, and others. 

You will find various types of aprons at Santex International, a company based in Spain. You can choose from a range of protective clothing with a hood, Polietilene Gown, Clip Caps, Sleeve protectors, and other health-related accessories. 

Buyers Guide

Hospital gowns are one of the basic and essential hospital supplies and help prevent the transfer of infectious bacteria, viruses, liquids, medicines, and even splashes of blood. These can harm or spread infections around the staff, making the need for hospital gowns even more crucial. 

While choosing a body covering for your medical needs, it is critical to understand the following:

  • Apart from wearing a protective covering, you are also recognized by other people as a professional and need to present yourself as a professional.
  •  Watch your shoulders, arms, and the length of your arm, before finalizing the one. 
  • Apron shoulder seams should roughly follow your shoulder length, or it will provide you with an uncomfortable fit. 
  • When the apron sleeves end at your wrists when you fully extend your arms, then it will be fine to work with. 
  • There are various sizes of protective covering online, and you can select one that fits your needs. 

More Medical Protective Covering

Other essential protective covering, apart from complete body wear, are medical face masks and exam gloves. These are critical as they help prevent the transmission of microbes and also constitute a routine part of the clinical protocol. Many medical facilities use fluid-resistant face masks to protect medical professionals from exposure to dangerous body fluids. Most medical face masks are typically single-use, and every professional in the healthcare industry must keep them in plenty of stock. 

A face mask needs to be comfortable, and you also need to consider its filtration efficiency before making your non-strategic purchases

Exam glove is also an integral protective covering for all medical practitioners. Because of latex allergies, nitrile and vinyl exam gloves are now most widely in demand. When vinyl gloves are not very comfortable to wear and offer less flexibility, nitrile gloves are more comfortable to use and also available in a wide range of designs. 


There are various online platforms where you can find your medical supplies and order them easily. These platforms offer an easy search and ordering process with a quick around time. Individual practitioners, nursing homes, and other professionals working in healthcare industries can make their purchases and get supplies from multiple manufacturers with a single invoice. These one-stop wholesale platforms allow multi-vendor purchases and offer discounts on bulk orders. 

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