Camping Essentials That Will Keep You Cool This Summer

If you enjoy tent camping or vehicle camping and wish to stretch your outdoor living experience into the hotter months of the year, many camping gear options are now on the market to make your summer camping trips cooler and more enjoyable. Using this equipment, you can stay cool during your summer camping trips, without the benefits of a conventional air conditioner. Some essential items that can help you stay cool while summer Camping in Houston are described below.

Shade Sail Triangles

If you want to get the most enjoyment out of staying in your summertime campsite, shade sails are an excellent choice. Although umbrellas can be used to cover large camping spots, they may pose problems during rainstorms or high winds. On the other hand, shade sails are more resistant to wind and storms, and can effectively block UV rays from the sun. In today’s market many colors and designs of shade sails are available, but with respect to shapes, the most common are triangular, square, and rectangular. Each shape of shade sail has practical applications as well as benefits and drawbacks.

Qualities of Square and Rectangular Shade Sails

When it comes to covering a large area, square and rectangular shade sails are effective, but remember that the larger your shade sail is, the stronger your anchor points need to be. With square and rectangular shade sails, your poles must be driven at least four feet into the ground, depending on the size of your camping space. Thus, installing square or rectangular shade sails can be challenging over a large area. Besides, these types of sails tend to balloon up due to lack of tension and sag in the middle when water collects after a rainstorm.

Triangular Shade Sails are an Excellent Choice

When compared to square or rectangular shade sails, triangular shade sails don’t undergo the problems of sagging and ballooning up. Because of their shape, they naturally and more effectively maintain their tension. Also, installing triangular shade sails is much faster and easier. Shade sails are popular mainly because they can protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays, but many people also use triangular shade sails as aesthetic focal points. So, overall, triangle-shaped shade sails are an ideal option.

12v Fans, Battery Operated Fans, Vent Fans, and Camping Air Conditioners

Having a 12v camping fan, a battery-powered fan, a vent fan, or a air conditioner for your tent or vehicle can be a life saver when camping in the scorching summer heat. Do not forget to carry a portable Power Station as well, in case of power outage.

Camping Air Conditioners

If you typically camp in an area with electrical hook-ups, such as a developed campground, you can easily power a portable air conditioner or a 110v box fan; just grab yourself an extension cord and use the 110v grid power on hand. Otherwise, if your car camper or tent camper is capable of hauling one. You can bring along a gas-powered generator to operate these devices.

Vent Fans

Many campers are happy with the comfort vent fans provide when camping in the heat. They can run off of a vehicle’s 12v power, dual-battery system, or solar generator. Producing sufficient air flow to feel almost like air conditioning, and reducing condensation in camper shells.

Portable Battery-Powered Fans or 12v Fans

Plenty of portable 12v or battery-powered fans are currently on the market. And they’re great choices for tent camping, SUV camping, car camping, and van or truck-bed camping.

Remember to Keep Your Body Cool as Well

Besides doing all you can do to keep your summer camping environment cool, remember to keep yourself cool as well. For example, drink copious amounts of water to avoid getting dehydrated, and do strenuous activities. Such as hiking early in the morning before the sun has had time to heat up the atmosphere; and reserve your lounging for the afternoon.

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