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Going camping with the family is so incredibly valuable! It’s the ultimate getaway if you’re looking for a healthy, active break that involves some serious parent-child bonding and the creation of memories that will last a lifetime. If this sounds like your bag, then you most likely need to get packing those bags! Whether you’re a total newbie or a bit of a camping guru, we could all use some tips every now and then to make our lives that little bit easier. Read on for some top tips on how to make your next camping adventure with your family as amazing as possible…


Find a camping checklist

An online or downloadable camping checklist is ever so handy when you’re not so sure what you need to bring along with you. You can find family-specific camping checklists to make it even more simple for you – thank god for the internet, right? Once you’ve found one that covers all the essential bases, print it out or recreate it yourself to pin up in the kitchen or living room. Having that visual reminder really makes you feel organised and on top of things during the craze of pre-holiday excitement and stress. Have your kids make their own colourful lists to teach them the value of organisation from an early age, and so they can help you out a little when you feel like you’ve forgotten something.

Do not, repeat do not forget the entertainment

Keeping those kids entertained is kind of essential. And yes, camping definitely is all about reconnecting with nature, encouraging ourselves to live in the moment and connecting with one another fully, however, asking children to be happy with the 24 hours a day is only going to backfire. You need a plan B, and that comes in the form of a little light entertainment. This one is kind of up to your own parenting style, if you want to feel removed from technology pack up the books, playing cards, musical instruments, arts and craft and some sports gear to give your kids options. Some quiet iPad time every now and then might be fine for you, and if that’s the case then, by all means, bring one along. Negating to provide entertainment for yourself and your kids is a rookie error that could result in a bit of a sour experience, so be sure to bring at least one form of entertainment.

Be thoughtful about food

Bring pre-prepared food with you, you’ll be thanking yourself on those exhausting evenings when you just want to eat and hit the hay. A few pre-cooked meals, prepared chopping and decanted essentials will be a godsend for your camping cooking.

Consider investing

If you really want to dive into the camping lifestyle and create a beautiful habit for you and your family to enjoy on the regular, you should consider investing in a camper trailer. The Traveller is an awesome place to start for smaller families to get out on the road. You’ll have protection, storage and ultimate adventure freedom, so it’s well worth the money if you want to immerse yourself in camping.

do plenty research

Do plenty of research

Make sure that the campgrounds you’re heading to are appropriate for your family! This means looking into the amenities, natural features, visitor capacity and parking options. Of course, this is all made easier if you have a trailer at your disposal, but it is still very important to know what you’re heading into.

Follow these tips and enjoy a few days of bliss with your family in the great outdoors!


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