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For a small business with a tight purse, one of the most pressing challenges is what to do with the website. Of course, they know that they can’t live without being on the Internet, but they typically make use of a free website creator so they can have an online presence.

That presents a problem considering that there are more than 1.7 billion active websites in the world, and it’s like being a speck on a sandy coastline.

The number of websites in the United States, meanwhile, is hard to determine. However, there are more than 500 million websites being hosted by American companies, although it doesn’t necessarily mean those websites are based here.

Nevertheless, this gives the small business an idea of the type of competition it’s dealing with. So having a non-optimized website would not be an option.

Short Attention Span

The fact is that in this fast-food age, customers have shorter attention spans than ever.

It takes potential clients less than a second, 50 milliseconds to be exact, to decide whether to go on browsing your site or leaving. Meanwhile, nearly 6 in 10 people will recommend to their friends to skip a website if it’s poorly designed.

Websites, meanwhile, needed to load at lightning speeds.

For example, a 2017 Google study shows that if your website loads in 10 seconds, the bounce rate goes up by 123%. You might as well say goodbye to that potential customer visiting your page. Compare this to the website that loads from 1 to 3 seconds, which has a bounce rate of 32%.

There are many elements that contribute to the loading time of your website. You can improve the speed through web development services Beaverton OR, which will help in this regard.

The ROI of Website Redesign

The one thing that holds back small businesses from hiring web development services Beaverton OR is the budget.

The prevailing impression is that a website redesign is expensive. Sure, it will set you back a few hundred or even a thousand bucks. But think of it as an investment.


What are the factors that will affect your ROI?


  • The expenses incurred in creating the website
  • The continuing costs of maintaining the site
  • Payment for the hosting services
  • The amount of time your website is down
  • The traffic generated from your new optimized website
  • The conversion rate


The more money you spent on creating and developing the website, the more sales you should expect that is generated from your new site.


If you’re not getting any leads or conversions out of your old site, then investing in a web redesign might be worth the effort. For instance, you earn $100 in sales for every conversion, 10 customers will immediately ramp up your income to $1,000. Of course, this doesn’t even factor in the number of leads that can be generated from your new website. Ultimately, however, it’s a question of survival at this point. Your competitors are certainly allocating a part of their budget to optimize their websites. It’s bad business to keep your non-functioning and static website

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