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Perhaps the most attractive aspect to using a vape over smoking cigarettes and cigar is the full range of flavors it subjects you to. While traditional cigarettes and cigars are quite dull in that they stick to the same old tobacco, there are vape e-liquids available in nearly every flavor imaginable. Hence, you can build the experience to your liking while simultaneously saving big bucks by using your vape as an alternative to smoking. With the increasing popularity of the vape, manufacturers are continually striving to create new flavors and enhance the experience of the consumers. Though the possibilities are endless, let us consider some products about which you may be doubtful if they can be vaped.

What substances can you vape?

The commonly used vape e-liquids or vape juice comprise of a variable percentage of nicotine mixed with flavor and dissolved in a solvent. There are thousands of different kinds of vape e-liquids available in the market that you can choose from. However, this is not where your limitations begin. Apart from chemically manufactured vape e-liquids, there are many natural and synthetic products that you can use in your vape device. The concept is simple: anything with the right consistency that can be heated up in the vape device and give off vapor can be used in combination with a manufactured vape e-liquid or even on its own!


What consistency should your vape juice be?

Consistency is one thing that can limit you in the substances that you can safely vape. The e-liquids in the market are more liquid than syrupy – if the content is too watery, it is sure to leak and make a huge mess, and if your mix is on the thicker side, you carry the risk of gumming up your wicks and coils.


Using different brands of vape pens and vape juices

If you own a vape device of one brand and are in the mood of enjoying the vape juice of a different brand, you will have some questions. Is your particular vape pen compatible with the liquid of another brand? Would doing so affect your vape pen negatively, or mess up the flavor? Can I expect the results that I would have gotten by using the same brand of vape

Device as the vape juice I want to experience?

The good news is, yes! Though some brands of vape pens also manufacture their vape e-liquids, it does not mean you cannot use another brand of e-liquid with it. Vaping allows you to mix and match your favorite vape pen with the flavors that you like the best – no matter what brand they are. Most e-liquids are compatible with any brand of the vaporizer so you can continue vaping without a hitch.

Is making your vape e-liquid flavor possible?

A common question from vaping beginners is to what degree can you mix and match? We have understood that using different brands of vape pens and vape juices is harmless, but can you combine two or more vape e-liquids from the same brand, or even completely different brands, to create your own, personal flavor?


Once again, the vape does not disappoint. The answer is yes! Making up your concoction by mixing two or more favorite vape e-liquids is quite popular with the vaping community. A quick search on the internet will lead you to a plethora of sites where consumers discuss the best mixes. You can find recommendations according to what you like, post your own ‘recipes,’ and connect with other consumers to talk about your favorite brands and flavors.

This flexibility is using a vape pen is the biggest reason for its popularity. The ability to play around with brands, vape pen models, and flavors makes the process much more fun and creative than the regular old cigarette. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the vape e-liquids that interest you the most, and you can have your little science lab where you can get creative and experiment with flavors as much as you want.



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