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International Surrogacy

Why is surrogacy popular?

It is crucial to understand about surrogacy before we begin to look at international surrogacy. Surrogacy is a legal contract in which a woman agrees to bear and give birth to the child and hand over the baby to them after birth. There are many reasons why surrogacy is a popular fertility option:

  1. It provides parents with the option of having a baby of their genes.
  2. Eggs and semen of the intended parents are collected to create an embryo and transfer them to the surrogate mother’s womb. In cases of either or both parents having difficulties in producing the lower quality eggs or semen for the IVF procedure, it is always possible to contact a donor.
  3. Same-sex couples have an option of having a child that is at least partially connected to them through genes.
  4. Surrogacy also helps an individual become a single parent.
  5. An older couple who have been trying to conceive naturally can still have a baby that is biologically connected to them through surrogacy.
  6. Surrogate mothers do not see this only as a business opportunity. They are happy to help others bring home the joy of life while enjoying the journey themselves.

International surrogacy

International Surrogacy

Many countries have different rules and regulations when it comes to surrogacy. Many couples move across the globe to a foreign country to find a surrogate and have a baby because their resident country has banned surrogacy.

While surrogacy has been popular in countries such as India, Nepal, Thailand, China, and Japan, it is gaining popularity in western countries such as United States of America, Mexico, Canada, and Surrogacy in Australia.

Similarly, while some countries have completely banned the idea of surrogacy, some countries have lawfully accepted surrogacy treatments. There are also some countries where some of the states permit surrogacy and other states within the same country does not approve it. There are also countries that only allow altruistic surrogacy.

These difference in rules itself make it too difficult for the intended parents to proceed further on the surrogacy. Unfortunately, there is no universal law for surrogacy. Intended couples need to perform a huge amount of research before zeroing in on surrogacy or a fertility clinic.

Many couples choose different countries for the surrogacy treatment if their native country does not permit it by law. It also helps that foreign countries have transparent policies and procedures to related to surrogacy that attracts intended couples to them.

Let us have a look at other reasons international surrogacy is popular:

  1. The experience: International surrogacy also serves as a much-deserved vacation to many couples apart from their prime purpose. Granted, all couples are tensed, worried and on a money crunch during the surrogacy procedure. However, many couples do find it in them to take some time off and go around the city to enjoy a mini-vacation.
  2. Cost-effective: All IVF and surrogacy treatments in Cambodia are expensive. However, some countries are able to provide these services for a lesser price than the others.Example, if the intended couple did not need egg or semen donor, the fertility clinic reduced the cost of the process.
  3. Documentation: Documentation is a laborious task that starts right at the beginning of the process.The international fertility clinics help parents with all documentation for the process.

Once a baby is born, the fertility clinic prepares legal documentation to transfer the legal custody of the baby from the surrogate mother to the intended parents. The baby would also need a visa to get to the home country. This will all be taken care of the clinic rather than the intended parents.

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