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Yes, it’s not going to create any hassles for you if you decide to do your education with your H1B visa. The candidate should know that he can only get an H1B visa for 3 years. However, this education can be only done for parttime as you to do a job which is a must on a H1B visa.

The candidate should know that since the privilege to pursue part-time education is only given, it’s better to do an executive MBA. It’s not possible to also get any kind of scholarship for this kind of part-time education. Either you can opt for a part-time degree or opt  for distance learning programs which require you to pursue the entire course online.

What number of hours is allowed in a part-time degree?

It’s not necessary that a student has to study and be in the college for the entire day to get a full-time degree. He just has to study 3 subjects every semester for his degree to be considered a full-time degree. This requirement can be met by someone with hard work.

However for someone, to do a  part-time course from US, it’s better that he has enrolled in a course which has at least two subjects per semester equivalent to 6 credits.

Requirements for the F1 visa

If however as a student you are unable to manage a course with 3 subjects per semester, then it’s better to avail an F1 visa which allows you to, pursue such a  course with ease. You can devote more hours to study.

The F1 visa is a standard visa for anyone who wants to get some education in the US. This visa allows a student to work also along with attending classes.

Before getting this visa, make sure you have already been allowed entry into the SEVP approved the school. US universities and colleges have a long list of considerations before granting admission to non-US students.

The foremost consideration before the non-US students is the GRE essay. This essay writing is the core of getting admission to any US university and tests the skills of the students, the analytical and the communication skills.

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This GRE exam consists of 6 segments, one of which is Analytical Writing. This section contains two Essay Writing parts one which is an Essay on an issue and another which is an Essay on an argument. There are 2 sections on  Verbal Reasoning and 2 more on Quantitative Reasoning. An additional section is included which consists of questions for the research purposes of the test creators. The score in this section are not given to the candidates and not used for the evaluation of the test. The candidate has to provide 3 hours 45 minutes for this test. GRE scores are required for admission to the topmost universities in the US including, the Northwestern University in Kellogg. This exam scores are also needed for MBA admission to, many universities like the Harvard Business School in this country.

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