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Bangalore is called “India’s Pensioners Paradise,” and is a great place for the elderly to live. There are many tech-savvy people living there, and it’s also called “Silicon Valley of India.” The trend these days points to the growth on the outskirts of Bangalore, specifically Sarjapur Road. Sarjapur is a fast-developing area in Bangalore that is well-connected with major IT sector areas. Sarjapur is also a good choice for those looking for residential property. Read more about this here. 

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Why Bangalore?

In the IT boom, property prices have increased in Bangalore. To be competitive in this environment, savvy investors must buy wisely. If you’re thinking of buying a residential project, there are a few things to consider. This article lists some of the benefits of living on the outskirts of Bangalore while making a purchase.

#1 Accessibility

The outskirts of Bangalore are no longer an obscure destination for homebuyers. They are now the favourite spot for sellers as well. Home buyers are buying properties in Bangalore because of the good connectivity. They have easy access to the IT hubs, the CBD areas, and even the most remote places.

Easy access to the airport, availability of public transit, and the Outer Ring Road creates the perfect conditions for property investment in Bangalore. There is also Bellary Road which offers amazing connectivity.

#2 IT Companies

Bangalore is not just about the central city. Bangalore’s outskirts are also known for their advancement in technology. Major IT influencers like Accenture, Wipro, and Microsoft are often found near Bangalore’s outskirts.

The reason people buy commercial property is because there are large plots of land available. This leads to a demand for residential complexes and further development of the suburbs. Among these areas, Sarjapur and Whitefield top the list as the best places to invest in Bangalore’s real estate.

#3 Market value

The next factor that makes investing in Bangalore outskirts worthwhile is the high appreciation rates. Compared to prime localities in the city, these suburbs offer a higher income at a lower cost. In addition, the presence of big IT companies forces workers to look for homes outside of the city. As a result, investors get a good income from both the home’s rental value and the land’s appreciation. This is not a loss for anyone.

#4 Go green

Most people in the city can’t find any green space. But if you move to the suburbs, you’ll be able to enjoy a serene environment. Lower rates of crime and diverse lifestyles make it a good place to live. Most people like Sarjapur because it is very spacious, with a lot of trees and flowers that help with unwinding after a tired day.

#5 Property choice

When looking for a home in the outskirts of Bangalore, you have the option of choosing from many types of properties such as residential communities, plots, and even gated communities. Villas, apartments, and studio apartments are also available to choose from. The only limitation is that there is a lot of choice which can be seen as both a blessing and a curse.

Thinking of investing in residential projects?

Sarjapur is a bustling metropolitan suburb of Bangalore, full of opportunities and benefits. Prestige City Sarjapur are committed to help you to bring that change in your life. It is an excellent choice for people looking for a new home. With a wide range of residential properties to choose from, beautiful infrastructures, good connectivity, and most importantly – incredible prices, Sarjapur proves to be a great place to invest.

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