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How to switch Career in MachineHow to switch Career in Machine

Machine learning is the buzzword of the time and its popularity keeps increasing immensely.

Machine learning currently ranks to be the best career with a 350% growth in the market and an average of almost 1 lakh per annum.

Machine learning seems to conquer almost every industry in today’s world. Health care, Robotics, Finances, Agriculture, and Quantum companies are a few industries that have incorporated machine learning.

Accepting the fact that machine learning will affect the work environment is as harder as it was to accept industrialization.

People have started to consider the machine learning industry for a change in profession or a promotion.

Seeing the widespread implementation; machine learning has an increased scope in career prospects. This field will upgrade your skills and you can learn competitive cutting edge technologies.Who wouldn’t be interested in learning the smart ways of smart robots and computers?

Here are 8 ways that could help you switch to a Machine learning career:

  1. Master your Software skills

A machine learning engineer is an excellent programmer. He needs to have explicit programming skills. He needs to be able to debug a code, produce well-engineered code, and solve data management problems.

Upskill your software skills with programs like Python with the best machine learning course.

  1. Master AI 101

You should have a stronghold on your basic machine learning skills. You should be well versed with the algorithm and problems the algorithms can solve.

  1. Know your domain

Explore the domains of machine learning. Identify the domain that suits your skills and research their properties. Understand the business of the industry; how companies work in general, what are their protocols of work.

Before the advent of the pandemic, many industries had already incorporated Machine learning into their protocols.

Post-COVID; many sectors have now come in the upfront to adapt Machine learning on a large scale. The health care industries being one amongst them have developed their machine learning applications. Applications like Genentech, Pfizer, and Map have helped medical practitioners providing elite services to the patients.  Computers and Robots cannot replace doctors or nurses, but the use of life-saving technology (machine learning) can definitely transform the healthcare domain.

Machine learning in retail is more than just the latest trend; retailers are implementing big data technologies to boost their business.

Machine learning algorithms process the data and automate the analyses to help retailers like Amazon, Walmart owned Flipkart to reach their goal.

You could also look for the travel industry and the social media industry domains.

  1. Continue upgrading knowledge in machine learning

A university degree doesn’t fetch your talent. Continuing education helps, grow your skills, and improve your credibility in the domain.

Look out for machine learning training online ourses free or paid. There are many platforms these days from where you can learn Machine Learning for free such as Coursera, Udemy, Edx, Udacity, etc.

  1. Get certified

The curriculum of the colleges follows a set of academic protocols. The prospectus doesn’t include advanced technologies. It only screens you to the basics of the industry. Upskill your talents; learn Google Cloud, AWS, Azure to join as a data analyst or business analyst.

  1. Find a mentor

Even if there aren’t any current programs that you are pursuing; look for a mentor in the industry. A senior analyst or data scientist who could guide you through your journey as a newbie.

A senior who could explain to you about the depreciation and appreciation in the industry.

7.Emphasize your soft skills

Machine learning isn’t a diacatholicon for all problems in the world. Understand the field you are working in, go through the fundamental ethics of the industry, follow the organization protocols.

Develop a rapport with your colleagues and keep up the team spirit. Learn to adore leadership skills and be best at your communication.

Unlike other industries like Healthcar

  1. Keep learning; keep growing

e and retail for example; Machine learning has just been born. There is much more to explore in this field yet. Keep learning and growing and ultimately earn great processing.


You might have used machine learning a dozen times a day, but might still not have knowledge of it.

Be it googling your way to work, looking for an update on traffic, or posting your recent image on Instagram or Facebook; machine learning is now at your fingertips.

Machine learning is certainly one of the booming industries that could get you on top. Even NASA is now looking for machine learning engineers for its Mars Mission. Robots will perform tasks autonomously, the machine learning algorithms will become quite complex and include several levels of problem-solving.

As with creating machine learning tasks, people who create future environments will be experts in their particular craft, rather than be computer scientists or data scientists.



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