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How to generate leads on your YouTube Channel

The YouTube platform has several useful tools that help to analyze the performance of your channel. YouTube analytics helps to retrieve data that gives customized reports. The metrics dashboard measures the user’s activity, advertisement performance, video counts, likes, dislikes, ratings, and estimated revenue.

Understand your audience

For channel owners, they must understand their audience. This is easy as YouTube has a flexible feedback system.  The YouTube Analytics API allows one to get user activity metrics on a weekly or monthly basis whereas the Reporting API dashboard allows an owner to aggregate the data themselves at any point in time. Retrieving reports helps to understand the viewing statistics and trends for one’s channel. The API provides some useful video and playlist reports that offer important insight into the viewer’s behavior. This also helps one to decide whether to buy YouTube subscribers from a third-party service provider or give some more time for organic growth.

Leads are critical

Based on the count of views one can analyze to what extent leads can be generated. The YouTube platform captures and collects leads which allows one to understand who are the people watching the content and could be a potential customer.

The YouTube cards when added to the video allow users to click on the CTA (call to action) button. This card allows one to add more visual ad-on which can attract the viewers and engage them positively. These add ons can appear anytime in the video and can be downloaded.

YouTube Cards

There are five types of YouTube cards that can be added to videos. They have different functions such as –

Ø  Allows Playlist and Video cards to promote their own content.

Ø  Allows the owner to redirect to another YouTube channel.

Ø  Allows nonprofit donations.

Ø  Allows and encourages viewers to participate in Polls.

Ø  Allows redirecting links to an approved website, preferably one’s own.

Besides the above, two more types of cards organically boost your content.

End screens

This is a great option that compels viewers to engage more with the channel. The end screens usually end with a CTA   which gives the viewers the option to like, subscribe to the channel, check out more videos and playlists. They are also mobile-friendly and promote the channel owner’s other website, products, or services.


Generating leads from search options is the best way to promote a channel. It is always recommended to have your video with a good description along with relevant keywords. This helps in optimizing the video content and search engines. The contextual or relevant keywords are crucial for any google or YouTube queries.  They also help in improving the channel rankings and allow better searchability.

Using video marketing as a lead acquisition strategy

Many content owners may not have the expertise to use these tools profitably. They are best left to video marketing experts like SubscriberZ who excels in conversion rate optimization. With their ability to analyze data and combine them with focused testing, they give excellent results.

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