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Carpet Cleaning on the Sunshine Coast

Carpets have a number of functions in a home. From providing aesthetic value to adding warmth and comfort, carpets are arguably the most used furnishing in a home. Even with regular spot cleaning and vacuuming, they accumulate years of dust, dirt grime and stains that leave them dull and dirty looking (even if they are clean!).

A clean carpet instantly improves the aesthetic appeal to a home. Proper care and maintenance is important to ensuring the cleanliness and longevity of your carpet. Depending on the foot traffic in your home, it is recommended that a carpet is cleaned one or twice a year, with regular vacuuming and sport cleaning in between. 

Enlisting the help of professionals ensures your carpet looks as good as the day it was bought.

Steam Cleaning Vs Dry Cleaning

With a number of ways to deep clean your carpet, it can be difficult to choose what will work for your carpet. Both steam cleaning and dry cleaning work well to get dirt, grime, pet urine and stains out of your carpet.

Steam Cleaning

Also known as hot water extraction, steam carpet cleaning is an effective cleaning method. It utilises specialised equipment that treats the carpet with pressurised hot water and detergents designed to remove stains and sanitise deep within the carpet fibres. Despite the use of water, a powerful suction attachment sucks out the loose dirt and excess moisture drastically reducing carpet drying time. 

Dry Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning utilises a “dry-shampoo” to and extract dirt, grime and stains from a carpet. Despite its name some moisture is used to activate the detergent that breaks down grime and dirt. Similar to a floor polisher, a machine with a cotton pad rotates at high speeds to remove stains and soils attached to the carpet fibres.

Restoring Your Carpet With Steam Cleaning

Significant amounts of allergens and pollutants can be released into the air just by walking over your carpet. Regular cleaning and care is essential not only for the longevity and appearance of your carpet, but also for your health and the cleanliness of your surroundings.

The temperature and pressure of steam cleaning breaks down the bond of settled dirt and carpet fibres. This water, dirt and dust is subsequently extracted by a powerful vacuum. The powerful extraction of the machine leaves minimal moisture in the carpet limiting drying time to a few hours.

Unlike most carpet cleaning Sunshine Coast methods, steam cleaning treats the surface of the carpet as well as deep within the fibres of the rug, reducing the risk of airborne allergens and pollutants. Additionally, heat is a great sanitiser which is why steam cleaning is a popular solution that gives a better, healthier result.

Killer Carpet & Sunshine Coast Carpet Cleaning

Looking for an effective and affordable steam cleaning service on the Sunshine Coast? Killer Carpet have got you covered. With years of experience in helping Sunshine Coast homeowners rejuvenate their carpets from years of dirt and grime build up, we have built a strong reputation for our prompts, reliable service.

Using leading technology, our methods allow us to access deep into the fibers of carpets, rugs, and a number of other materials, to effectively remove dirt, grime and stains! Get in touch today to discuss your needs!

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