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The fast changing technology and the highly challenging post Covid 19 business environment has led to a whooping 600% rise in cyber attacks. Many recent reports state that hackers attack a computer in the US every 39 seconds! The impact of these attacks is a major threat for many organizations including the government organizations as the hackers can easily breach these organizations and cause irreversible damage.

Businesses face over 4000 hacks every single day using ransomware alone. The loss borne by businesses ultimately harms the associates and stakeholders including the employees who end up losing the jobs due to cost cutting by the businesses to overcome the damages triggered by cyber crimes. 

Once the security of a firm is compromised, millions of people are affected, hence, the usage of Network Firewall Security as a preventive tool is gaining extreme popularity across the globe.

The Victims of Cyber Security

The key victims do not only include the big brand names. According to Cyberint, 43% of the attacks are launched on small businesses. Any organization with useful and sensitive information is prone to such breaches.

In words of John Chambers, CEO Cisco: “There are two types of companies: those who have been hacked, and those who don’t yet know they have been hacked.” 

Cyber criminals have accelerated their efforts and use smarter ways such as impersonating reliable entities to break into the systems. Several organizations are oblivious to such threats and assume that they’ll never be a part of the spasm hence, they do not have a contingency plan or a Network Firewall Security.

The Healthcare sector has been victimized by the cyber criminals particularly after the covid 19 pandemic. The health information security is a big challenge for the concerned bodies and experts have rightly pointed out the increasing need of securing the data to avoid the dire financial consequences in future. 

The Solution?

Network Firewall Security provides a shield against cyber-attacks by monitoring incoming and outgoing traffic to prevent unauthorized access to the network. The software operates in line with set standards and rules to provide security against such threats. 

The usage of Network Firewall Security is becoming increasingly popular with consumer and corporate sector. Once installed, this software can alert the users about threats and intrusions, which enables them to take timely actions against such breaches.

Depending on the need, you can opt for a personal firewalls as well offered by SANGFOR. These are increasingly valuable for always on connections, such as cable modem or DSL. 

The increased risks have also created a demand for cybersecurity experts to guard the organizations and systems against such issues. 

While many organizations tend to believe that these threats are posed by external sources, they need to realize and acknowledge the loopholes inside the internal systems. According to several studies, 15% to 25% of attacks are launched by trusted entities.

The Network Firewall Security has several categories, distinguished by their filtering methods:

Stateful inspection firewall:  scrutinizes the inward and outward network traffic to establish whether one packet is linked to another packet.

Proxy Firewalls: these monitor packets in line with Open Systems Interconnection (OSI)  are also known as application-level gateway. These bar the attackers from spotting the exact location of a network and as an additional layer of security is added to prevent the intrusions. Since the abundance of data and advancements in technology, the entry points into network have also increased creating a need for multilayered approach for security.For this, The PirateBay proxy security network work well.

Packet filtering firewalls: These examine the packets independently with no knowledge of the packets context and has its own pros and cons.

Next Generation Firewall (NGFW): These are focused on application control using intrusion prevention system. NGFW uses a multifaceted approach by integrating typical firewall capabilities, IPS and application awareness.

The cyber security needs of all individuals and enterprises vary depending on their nature and requirements. Whichever network firewall security you opt for should be in line with the requisites. 

The strength level of firewalls is also different, some offer less security while others may provide full-fledged security, for example, packet-filtering may not provide a wide ranging security as it doesn’t use DPI to inspect packets.

If any organization is faced with higher risks, it can also combine the firewall security with other security measures such as intrusion detection systems. The vulnerabilities surrounding firewall networks include:

  • Insider attacks
  • Distributed denial of service (DDos) attacks
  • Patching/Configuration
  • Malware

Just like any other strategic challenge, cybersecurity needs to be prioritized by the businesses. Looking at the year ahead, it is extremely important to focus and invest in cybersecurity as a premeditated business aspect and more partnerships must be established between business leaders, industries, policymakers and regulators.

The boost in remote working models is also elevating the need for improving cyber security infrastructure. Each organization may focus on developing its own cybersecurity expertise. Training of IT professionals to equip them with the modern knowledge and skills of network firewalls security must be a crucial goal for 2021.

Planning, educating and preparing against the cyber risks can save us a fortune. 

The current year is expected to be more critical due to the Covid pandemic constraints, rapid advancements and usage of technology. The business leaderships need to step up and promote a culture of integrated security by promoting open communications amongst key stake holders to save themselves from cybercrimes and breaches.

We have apparently moved into the initial patch of Fourth Industrial Revolution that is marked with digital innovations and unification of human and machine efforts. Cybersecurity Ventures has predicted that the world will store 200 zettabytes of data by 2025.

There are trusted vendors out there with high expertise in this field, you can discuss and determine your security needs and get your information secured from intrusion to avoid devastating losses in future with the help of the right network firewall security system.



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