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Carpets Preston

Choosing a new carpet for your room involves more than just finding a style in your favorite color and Carpets Preston is best for you.

First, you will need to consider your lifestyle – what you usually do in that room – space, furniture, construction, and storage. Carpet Preston has responded to homeowners’ desire for good looks, price, and easy maintenance with many new features and options in recent years.

Fiber Facts

The type of fiber used determines the basic functionality and appearance of the carpet. The big trend today is: soft. Homeowners need comfort, and the carpet provides a cushion under the feet. It also suppresses the sound. Fiber content is usually included in the list on the back of the sample. While names may vary between manufacturers, products are still under one of the five basic categories

5 Types of Carpeted Carpet


Wool, the ancestor of all soft floor covers, retains its luxury heritage. Natural and made of woven fiber, it offers a wider range of designs, details, and colour than traditional woven carpets. Expect good resistance to spots as long as you handle them. It also has features that are flame retardant.


Nylon comes in a very close fiber to wool in performance and feel, but on average it is less expensive. This flexible fiber offers a variety of styles and textures: frieze, textured, shag, loop cut loop (LCL) can all be made of nylon. It has excellent soil resistance, colour firmness, and durability, allowing it to reverse, making it suitable for almost anywhere. One of these can be recycled into another nylon carpet if the manufacturer so chooses.


Originally called olefin, polypropylene is a dye-composed solution that is water-resistant and stainless, making it a good choice for indoor/outdoor carpet for decks. Because it is dyed in solution, it will not fade, for good rooms that receive a lot of light from outside. Because it cannot withstand nylon, it is best used on low-density carpets such as Berbers (low quality, compact with different colors).


Polyester is known for its soft hand, or texture, especially when used in luxurious piles. It’s a great way to choose a price, as its style features compete with nylon – it can be made as a loop or a cut loop, and it picks up color very well. But it is not so strong. Soil-resistant and easy to care for, suitable for bedrooms and playrooms.


One of the newest entry threads in the market, triexta, incorporates the functional properties of polyester and nylon: durable, stainless and sandy, easy to clean, colorfast, fade-resistant, and soft. It is made of polymer, 37 percent of which is made from corn, a renewable resource.

Three types of carpet styles

Carpet is made of cut, open, or cut strands and hung. Although there are several different categories of carpet styles, they all fall into one of these three categories. At one point, as the pile height increased, the carpet began to soften but it was also difficult to clean. Today, with advanced technology and fiber systems, many styles combine flexibility and durability. More texture on the carpet, where it is most forgiven by the feet and toes, everyday dirt, and all wear.

Cut the Pile

The bulk of the cut reaches its strength by the type of fiber used, the density of the wood, and the amount of twist in the neck. The greater the curvature, the greater the stiffness, making it suitable for more moving areas.

Plush (Velvet): Dense and luxurious, it can easily show footprints and vacuum marks. Ideal for low-traffic rooms or formal settings.

Textured plush: Most decorative by plush. Featured areas help hide clues and lubricants. The preferred style for busy families. A large “whole house” carpet.

Saxony: Introduces a well-prepared area that is well suited for living and dining rooms.

Frieze: It has a curly “curly” area due to over-twisted straps that help reduce footprints and lubrication marks.

Shag: Famous for retro applications, shag type frieze, with a very long pile length.

Cable: It also looks like a frieze, but some fibers are thicker and some are thinner, with a different appearance.

Loop Pile

There are levels and many loops. Because rope tips are not disclosed, these cabinets tend to be very well-dressed, making them ideal for high-end areas, such as hallways and family rooms

Lots of loop loops: Loops of the same height, form the same look. This style usually lasts longer in densely populated areas. Many of today’s popular Berber styles are loop styles with bright black background colors.

Lots of loop level: This style usually has two or three different highs for making pattern lamps, which gives good durability and a real look.

Loop Bulk

Just as the name implies, this carpet style includes cut and locked strands. Multicolor effects help to hide stains.

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