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Cannabis goods, the plain old fashioned kind that keeps you high, have long been the mainstay of the music industry as a whole. It makes sense that THC opens your mind and relaxes your body, opening the way for imagination to run freely. But as more and more DJs in the EDM revolution are going well and well, could non-THC CBD oil products be the latest material of choice?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a plant substance found in both the marijuana plant and its cousin industrial hemp. When obtained from hemp, CBD does not possess any of the THC properties that yield high but can provide many health-related benefits.

CBD oils and tinctures are described to have a soothing and mind-focusing effect but also to be used for severe pain, arthritis and other disorders. There have been plenty of resources for the plant-based concoction to help the body control mood, breathing, inflammation, and pain in the EDM environment.

Mood Improvement and Inspiration CBD Among EDM DJs

Also without THC effects, legal CBD products can help to stimulate imagination in some ways. With that being said, CBD acts specifically with the body’s endocannabinoid pathway, which stimulates mood (among other things). Many users say that CBD makes them relax and can improve their concentration. These are some of the safest products to use CBD for mood improvement is CBD oil, which can be rubbed under the tongue. Right now, you can get a full selection of the top CBD oils on the market. You can prevent adverse vaping side effects on your lungs by using CBD oil and a dropper.

Dance music composers and DJs can take advantage of the frequent use of CBD to improve their mood. It will make you think less about the unrelenting demands of your industry and let you enjoy making music again. Popular DJs today are in high demand, work insane hours, and come under relentless critique and scrutiny. We might all use a little mood-regulation in our lives, but people living under a social media lens need relaxation even more.

Relief for Social Disorder And Coping with Audiences Of Bars, Raves, and Festivals

Music festivals have enjoyed a significant rise in success over the past ten years. And none of them are more non-stop fun than EDM festivals. It’s like a rave that’s going on for days. If you enjoy EDM but have a degree of social anxiety, then CBD could be the solution you’ve been waiting for. Although CBD research trials were somewhat incomplete to date due to yet other laws of cannabis and hemp, there was a 2010 report on the impact of CBD and social anxiety. Brain scans have helped to provide evidence that CBD works on areas of the brain responsible for anxiety. Another research in 2011 studied public speaking and the use of CBD with good outcomes. All of this means that CBD will make you enjoy busy spaces a bit more than normal.

Musicians promoting CBD Oil

While we’ve found a way back in the 1940s, it’s only now that we realize the true promise of CBD, and it’s really taken the world by storm.

Cannabis/hemp-derived medicine ideal solution has made more news stories over the last few years that we know to recognize innumerable personal accounts and anecdotes featuring the incredible capabilities of the new wonder-compound.

Among those in the media spotlight, they’re musicians who present some of the biggest CBD fans with massive A-list celebrities swearing by tinctures, reports, and more.

So let’s just take a closer look at a few of the numerous artists promoting CBD and see how we can figure out what the hype is all about.


We’re beginning to be high on our list with everyone’s favorite Canadian musician, Champagne Papi himself, Drake.

The musician, musician, songwriter, producer, and actor is no stranger to the industry, and seeing the capability of CBD must have sparked something in the left brain as he collaborated with Canopy Growth Corp, a Canadian cannabis company.

The business, partially owned by Snoop Dogg (more on that in just a second), is currently collaborating with the start of a cannabis development company called the “More Life Growth Company” of which Drake is the majority owner with a 60% stake.

Snoop Dogg

If you were to put money on some CBD-promoting star, odds are that Snoop Dogg will show up at the top of the list. Snoop Dogg is extremely well known for his love affair with weed, making the herb a major part of his identity after he released his very first album back in 1993. Since then, Snoop has become extremely outspoken about his weed consumption, but more lately, his passion for legal FDA CBD products has also begun to come through.

He’s not scared to take his money where his mouth is, and in 2015, Snoop released his own range of cannabis items, “Leafs By Snoop,” which featured edibles, flowers, and concentrates.

Gene Simmons

Since he famously said that he never smoked pot, piano, Kiss’s co-leading guitarist, and Gene Simmons’ disapproving songs, he’s not someone who springs to mind first while brainstorming musicians on the CBD sector. However, Simmons believes in the medicinal effects of cannabis and has invested his money where his mouth is in spectacular fashion, investing $10 million in Invictus, a Canadian cannabis grower.

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