Thu. May 23rd, 2024
Surviving as an Independent Barrister During Covid


COVID-19 has led to a change in the way many people approach their work. Many have been forced to change their work stations, whereas others have to develop innovative ways that ensure limited work disruptions. The legal profession is not spared either, especially the independent barristers who seem to have taken much of the heat.

The disrupted work environments point to reduced courtroom activities where most independent barristers earn a living through offering legal representation. However, there are other ways in which barristers can keep themselves preoccupied. For instance, Sima Najma, an independent barrister, shares insights on how to survive safely, securely, and efficiently during these Covid times.

Ways in Which Barristers Can Stay Preoccupied During Covid

With COVID-19 restrictions firmly in place, there has been a decrease in the number of places available for independent barristers to ply their trade. This means the barristers have to look for other alternatives towards surviving and gaining more experience. Below are some of the ways we deem to be highly beneficial, especially during these Covid times.

Taking Up Volunteering Opportunities

Though the pandemic has ensured there are limited opportunities in every field, volunteering programs and clinics are still available for legal practitioners. Many legal clinics are still availing opportunities in which independent barristers can offer their legal services as volunteers. This happens through remotely conducting client interviews and assisting with other available research.

With the pandemic having brought a financial hit in many people’s pockets, volunteering as an independent barrister demonstrates your broader interest in law. It will allow you to develop the skills necessary for your career progression at the Bar. Apart from aiding in your survival, volunteering also allows you to develop client relationships that may prove helpful in good times ahead.

Considering Court Visits

While court visits were a reachable experience during pre-covid times, things have taken a little bit of a shift. The pandemic has ensured a reduction in court appearances and physical visits for independent barristers wishing to take part in court proceedings. However, the available technological advancements continue to re-affirm the courtroom room experience to those interested in following the proceedings remotely.

Most courthouses have opted for online experiences when it comes to their court proceedings. It’s now easier to follow through every proceeding from a remote place without necessarily being physically present. As an independent barrister, this offers an ideal chance to survive during this covid pandemic. You get the chance to improve on your legal knowledge and other tactics that guarantee your prosperity at the Bar. 

Taking Part in Webinars

Most of the legal institutions and many other reputable organizations offer a range of online-based events to develop legal knowledge. This includes the webinars that give you a virtual perspective on connecting with other independent barristers alike.

It’s fundamentally important not to overlook these webinars if you want to survive as an independent barrister during these covid times. They come in handy by allowing you to build a range of external advice and an incredible learning opportunity, especially if you are an aspiring barrister.


Surviving during the Covid pandemic for an independent barrister may prove to be a daunting experience for many. The restrictions put in place make it even harder to engage in any meaningful legal practice. However, the above-outlined ways may come in handy in ensuring you remain active in service even as you strive to survive and succeed at the Bar.

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