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Celebrities Who Have Worn Lab-Grown Diamonds for the Special EventsCelebrities Who Have Worn Lab-Grown Diamonds for the Special Events

If we really think about it, we are all confused about what diamond type we should invest in, right? This is one question that drives all of us mad and why not? We are investing in something that is going to stay with us forever and cherish every part of it. One needs to understand every bit about diamonds before buying one. Wedding season is right around the corner and you must be searching for that perfect diamond ring that will suit your other half and will complement their personality as well. Well, before you make the big purchase, there are certain things that you should know about mined and lab-created diamonds and then only will you be able to shop freely, without any hesitation. 

Mined diamonds: 

These are the ones that are created in the crust of the earth for millions of years and then taken out. It is also said that they tend to go through some chemical procedures that take away their natural and authentic shine. We’re sure you aren’t looking for something like that, are you?

Lab-created diamonds:

On the other hand, lab grown diamonds are trusted a lot these days. They are eco-friendly, go hand in hand with our mother nature, and cause absolutely no harm to our environment. This is exactly what we need to root for. There are also a lot of variations that will make your jaw drop. New World Diamonds is a genuine site where you will find the best lab-created diamonds ever. You can go to their site and see the procedure that they use to make a lab-grown diamond. They have got a wide range of white and colored diamonds starting from red, yellow, green, purple, pink, gray, blue, and more. You can also customize your own type of diamond which you think will suit your personality and get it done. A lab-created diamond is made in a laboratory where they use high-pressure high-temperature procedure. This is a completely safe procedure and is trusted. A white diamond takes a few days to be ready whereas colored diamonds take about three or four weeks to get ready.

Have you seen many of the celebrities that wore lab created diamonds and rocked them? Well, there are a few and we shall talk about them in detail. These celebrities wear lab-created diamonds and promote them in a way. Following are some of the celebrities that wore lab-grown diamonds.

  • Bindi Irwin

She is the daughter of late crocodile hunter Steve Irwin. She got engaged with her longtime boyfriend and announced it on Instagram. She said that the ring she got was a pure lab-created ring, made out of rose gold metal. She also added that it was quite a vintage way to express their love. 

  • Nikki Reed 

Twilight actress got engaged in 2015 and initially the ring that she was wearing was not a lab-created ring but she got it changed into a synthetic one. The reason behind it was that when they got engaged, there weren’t so many options available for lab-created rings but since now it is possible, she immediately got it changed.

  • Penelope Cruz 

She joined hands with Atelier Swaroskie and said that she is going to be creating something that is very natural and in its own self for the people to wear which will spread a sense of empowerment among women all around.

  • Meghan Markle

She was out on a meeting one fine morning and she wore a pair of lab-created earrings which complemented her the most and people were in the awe of her. Nothing was brighter than those earrings that she was adorning.

  • Leonardo DiCaprio

The one who rules over all the hearts, this man right here is not seen wearing lab-grown diamonds yet but he is known to be one of the biggest investors in the lab-creating diamond markets. After his movie Blood Diamond in 2006, he invested in a lab grown diamond company.

These were some of the celebrities that we look up to and tend to recreate their fashion sense in a way. These celebs are all in for lab-created diamonds and we love that! We want you to try investing in them and we are sure that you will not be disappointed.

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