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new year resolution

At the beginning of each year, it is very popular to look back at the events of the recent year and look ahead making new year resolutions. Such new year resolutions differ in various directions and are all about achieving one’s goals and ambitions while pursuing personal growth, and becoming a better version of oneself by leaving bad habits in the year that has passed away. Sadly, as time goes by many people fall back into their old habits and forget all about the new year resolutions they have made for themselves. This is also the reason for why many people avoid making new year resolutions. Simply because they are afraid to fail. If you also are resistant to make a new year resolution, read along here for tips on how to make your resolution last longer than January. 

Choose carefully 

The most important thing to remember, when making a new year resolution, in order to make it last, is to stay realistic. If you aim too high, you are more likely to lose your motivation. If your goal is to become a happier version of yourself, it is not necessarily a good idea to make a new year resolution that states that you should only eat greens, exercise every day, excel both yoga and boxing classes while being the world’s greatest friend, family member and colleague. Breathless already? Slow down and stay realistic. Consider what truly makes you happy in your daily day. If gambling at online casinos is what gives you joy in life, then make a new year resolution about this.

Involve friends and family 

If you need an extra push towards reaching your goal, it can be a good idea to involve your closest friends and family members. If the people around you are familiar with your new year resolution they may be able to help you make it last. Or even better, you can invite them to join you by making them set goals for themselves and thereby you are all in it together. Together you can achieve your goals and dreams and keep motivating each other. 

Treat yourself 

Finally, it is important to treat yourself when you are proud of yourself. Set sub-goals for yourself. Achieving these goals will help you stay motivated and make your new year resolution last longer than January.

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