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Chenal Valley is one of the little places that a lot of people don’t yet know about. Located
conveniently between Little Rock, the state of Arkansas’ capitol city, and Roland, one of the
most popular suburbs near the city is making way to bring you one of the most famous estates
out there. Waterview Estates is what we’re going to talk about here, but we’ll also tell you a
little about Chenal Arkansas too.
Why People Love Chenal Valley
There is a fun family atmosphere in the area that makes up the Chenal Valley. People are pretty
close knit, and you get the security and privacy of a small town in a place like Waterview Estates
while being right next to the bustling larger town and cities. It’s like a home away from home,
because you can literally retreat to your house. There are plenty of amenities in the area
altogether, and they have numerous community events that you can be a part of as well.
At the same time, it’s like living in the suburbs, and your whole community watches out for
each other. That’s something you don’t get everywhere, and when you live in Waterview
Estates, you can know that you have a little bit of extra security from neighbors, which can
range from right next door, all the way to acres away.
What is the Land Like?
When it comes to buying homes in Chenal Valley – Waterview Estates particularly; you’re right
next to the Lake Maumelle, which offers some amazing scenery, and offers fun recreational and
relaxation time. You’re just southwest at Waterview from the Arkansas River, and you can
always have a great view of the Ozark Mountains just to the Northwest. Other than that, you
also have the privacy that you’ve always dreamt of because Waterview Estates offers you the
luxury of a gated community, while at the same time you’re surrounded by a beautiful forest
that can offer all types of Wildlife to visit and knock at your door.
On the other side of the Arkansas River Trail, you can visit BoBrook Farms, which is one of the
most popular wedding destinations in the area, and of course, There are all types of land that
you can buy and bend at your will for whatever you’re wanting to do, whether it’s farm, or even
just to hunt at.
Waterview Estates is a project that’s still somewhat under development, and they have over
100 Chenal lots for sale. After a busy day of work, many people love the fact that they can
retreat to their cozy little home, and the greatest benefit is that they have a scenic drive home
that can help them ease their mind from their busy schedules too!
If you wish to purchase lots in the Waterview Estates community, you can always get ahold of
them, and even check their website. They have listings of their lots, which are a great price

range based on the quadrant that you live on, and they’re very affordable and spacious.
Waterview even has contractors in the area that specialize in building homes there, which are
perfect if you’re wanting to relocate or build a luxury home that you can rent out.

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