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Isn’t it interesting that there are benefits of having good sleep while most people get so little of it? It is crucial to have adequate sleep despite the many deadlines or dreams you have. Sleep deprivation make look normal but it has a massive effect on your health in the long run. Having enough rest, gives your body new energy, to become more alert and more productive in what you do. In America, sleep deprivation has actually become a public health epidemic. Averagely, a person should sleep at least 8 hours in a comfortable bed, and on a quality mattress such as the lucid mattress. However, this is not the case as most Americans are sleeping less than six hours per night. Here are some reasons that you should embrace if you’re getting below eight hours of sleep per night to improve your sleep patterns.

Less stress and better memory

Can you imagine having a poor memory and a lot of stress due to poor sleeping patterns? This is happening in today’s fast-paced world as everyone is working hard and depriving themselves of sleep to work harder. The increase and availability of technology also have consumed our sleeping time through our smartphones. Most people do not sleep before they check all of their social media pages which can take up to two hours.

Life does not lack stressful issues and good sleep counterattacks this stress levels by reenergizing your body and mind. Stress hormones also block storage of memories, since when we sleep our brains process and compact our memories from that day. Hence when you are sleep deprived memories are not stored as they should and later on in life you become prone to dementia conditions such as Alzheimer’s.

Improved mood and better Immune system

Most people who are in a bad mood in the morning have denied themselves enough sleep. When one has less than 6 hours of sleep in a day for a week at least. They are prone to get angry, bitter, anxious and physically and mentally exhausted quickly. Yet, they do have the solution which is to have enough sleep and elevate their mood. Our immune systems too are not improved by eating right alone. It has to have a clear balance of so many factors, among them is enough sleep. Sleep is beneficial to our immune by regulating the antibodies that fight off illness brought about by viruses and bacteria.

Weight management

Another benefit of having enough sleep is having controlled weight. Actually, the number of obese people in society today is increasing with more people getting less sleep. The Leptin hormone that helps you feel full drops when you lack adequate sleep. This makes you more tired and hungry and increases the craving levels of high-calorie meals specifically to curb that urge. Hence the more stressed you are the more you eat and add on weight. Quality sleep rewards your immune too by rising growth hormone levels that stimulate muscle growth, keeping you lean and improving circulation.



Beautiful skin

If you want beautiful skin, get a beautiful sleep. This reward due to sleeping is good news to the ladies. Our skin needs to repair by replacing older cells with new cells and quality sleep will help you achieve this. While you are asleep there are a lot of invisible changes going on in your skin, hormonal and metabolic systems. Therefore, sleep denial will interrupt these processes and it will start showing on your skin. Skin conditions that are common like acne have added another tip to controlling the condition.

Long healthy life

Everyone desires to live a long and healthy life. But in spite of this, life demands and trends in the world are forcing us to push harder and deny time to ourselves. A good night’s sleep is becoming more of an added advantage as people live to sleep. One study shows that the fewer hours you sleep the double your rate of dying from all causes. Sufficient sleep also prevents the increased risks of diseases like, diabetes, heart diseases, blood pressure, strokes which are due to increased inflammation from lack of sleep. Chronic illness according to studies is becoming more in number to the younger generation due to such habits of poor sleeping schedules.  Improve your sleep routine and protect yourself from chronic illnesses and have a longer life span.

Improved attention and creativity

Lack of sleep can be seen through poor attention and creativeness in both children and adults. A sleep-deprived child is moody, stubborn, less focused, and interacts less with its peers. While adults are drowsy and slow. Studies show that sleep reorganizes memory and helps your mind be in a position to assist you in creating new creative ideas. Through this, the relaxed mind in the morning is able to get the bulb moment idea of a problem they could not solve the previous evening when their mind was fatigued.

Improved athletic performance

Different studies have been conducted to athletes in different settings of sleep patterns. Athletes with better sleep were happier and had better speed and focus in the game. As they got enough to sleep their bodies repaired and they were able to perform better than those who had less sleep. These benefits are also as effective to others who are not athletes as their productivity levels increase due to better sleep and have elevated levels of happiness too.

There are many benefits to having adequate sleep. Becoming less prone to accidents, feeling less pain which supplements the use of medicine and couples experiencing a poor sex life, can consider getting enough sleep and better sleep patterns. This will boost their levels of tester one and boost their libido. Having the room environment right and a good bed setup does not fulfill a good night’s sleep, because you sleep for 4-6 hours a night. After purchasing a good bed and Helix mattress having adequate hours of sleep in a good atmosphere will improve your health tremendously.

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