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But, when the immune system is stimulated to counter a material that is typically considered harmless, an allergic reaction is detected. The allergic reaction is not triggered by the material itself, but by how the body interprets this material as potentially harmful.


The body stimulates specialized immune cells called mast cells when an allergic reaction is initiated. These mast cells hold receptors on the surface of their membranes that recognize substances that are either harmful or helpful to the body. The cells then release histamine when adverse contents are detected. 


Such chemicals sensitize the body to respond, which then attempts to rid such harmful substances of a painful reaction by sneezing, coughing, etc. Because the mind and the body are connected entities, this theory is correct. Stress management approaches designed to enhance connections between the brain and the body often succeed in reducing this issue. The end effect is a reduction in patients’ allergic symptoms.


Another hypothesis is that the body is perceived through an allergic reaction. Your body must first obtain knowledge in order to recognize this. The nervous system is part of the body’s information processing function. If your nervous system is defective, the perceived experience will be altered, and you are vulnerable to allergic reactions such as allergies.


How It Works


You may know that chiropractic adjustments can help many problems, but you may not understand that chiropractic therapy can have a substantial effect on allergies and asthma. Read how your  Demaine North Carolina chiropractor will help if you are suffering from seasonal allergies or asthma.


Chiropractic treatment will relax the nervous system and make it more useful for the immune system to function. To regulate and coordinate its functions, Immune and respiratory systems rely on proper contact between the brain and the spinal cord. If there is a communication system disruption, such as misalignment, the immune system may be affected.


When an immune system works best, it helps prevent diseases and infections and also enables you to cope with stress and ensures that the entire body is healthy. It addresses the invasion of foreign substances such as pollution, dust, and pollen and prevents them from causing damage.


Spinal anomalies can interfere with the way the brain interacts with the rest of the body. The connections between the brain and spine can be reopened by manipulation of the joints and the soft tissue, and the balance of the body can be restored.


The hypersensitive environmental reaction causes allergies. You can manifest yourself in many ways by itching, sneezing, coughing, or rashing. A response to a particular food form can also lead to allergy symptoms like hives or even more severe issues like laboratory breathing. Your body considers allergies to be a danger and responds to stimuli. 


The health of the immune system is also critical in combating allergies because of the antibodies produced by the immune system to prevent allergic reactions. The immune and central nervous systems go hand in hand and affect each other directly. Spinal misalignment can interfere with communication between the central nervous system and the body and make the body more allergy-prone. 


Because chiropractic treatment focuses on improving the function of the nervous system by correcting spinal anomalies, pursuing chiropractic care only makes sense to improve the symptoms of allergy.


The relation between the immune system and the central nervous system and the efficacy of chiropractic treatment has been thoroughly studied by researchers. Research has concentrated on how routine chiropractic care can relieve allergy symptoms. One such research analyzed the importance of allergies such as hay fever, asthma, and eczema between spinal disorders. 


Furthermore, the study found spinal disorders for all research participants. Almost all saw a significant difference in their allergy symptoms with gentle chiropractic changes.


Since the beneficial effects of chiropractic changes on the nervous system are well known, a decrease in allergy symptoms in vertebral subluxations is not shocking to many chiropractic patients. Misalignment or irregular movement of the spine can cause the spine to be focally irritated, thus producing an abnormal signal that the central nervous system receives. If this aberrant signal occurs along the same path as standard environmental signals are needed, the body can not correctly interrupt the information. It can lead to an allergic reaction.


A  Demaine North Carolina chiropractic doctor may help:


  • Reinforce the immune system. 


Misalignments in the back — in particular, the neck — may disrupt the connection between the brain and the rest of the body. Irritation, for example, in the upper cervical joint, can affect immunity and intensify allergic symptoms. A chiropractor can restore the corporal alignment by manipulating the joints and soft tissues and reopen vital pathways from the brain to the spine.


  • Regulate hormones of pain. 


Most allergy sufferers are also affected by damaged adrenal glands, making it harder for their bodies to control allergic reactions. Since the adrenal glands are directly fed by spinal nerves, an adequately positioned spine may contribute to controlling the body’s cortisol production. This will mitigate the severity of the effects of allergies.


  • Help the respiratory system. 


Like an immune system, an unimpeded flow of information into and from the brain relies on the respiratory system. Chiropractic treatment holds the channels open and improves the respiratory system in order to prevent allergic attacks.


  • Recommend changes in diet and lifestyle. 


Some foods and other environmental factors may either relieve or intensify allergy symptoms. A chiropractor may recommend changes that improve the health and comfort of the patient.


Chiropractic treatment can support patients with weather allergy season without relying on medications by enhancing contact between immune, nervous and respiratory systems.




To help your chiropractor achieve the optimum healing ability of your body, you need daily wellness changes. If you do not, then your body will return to a state of dysfunction, which will make you more susceptible to illness or disease. It is also necessary to remember to exercise and eat correctly to keep your immune system healthy. 


Your chiropractor will also assist with nutritional recommendations and speak to you about workouts that are better suited for your particular problems. Create an appointment today with your chiropractor!

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