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At times, they can be seen as trends on social networks such as Twitter with users are able to use specific services. One example of this is the one we can see in FaceApp, a program that alters people’s faces, and whose photos clogged the site. Another interesting example were the interaction circles from Chirpty which is a website that has created charts of the people with whom you most interact. But there’s an issue with this site and it is that a fake version of the site has been uncovered.

The biggest issue in a fake version of Chiprty can be that it asks for several permissions that we shouldn’t grant.

Inspiring a circle of interactivity? Beware of the fake version Chirpty

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These circles of interaction are intriguing because they enable us visually see the users we interact with the most in the app. In the past the service was full of users, even more so because it’s extremely simple to use. Chiprty does not require authorization to access your account, therefore it was simply a matter of entering the username and then you’re done.

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The existence of which is a counterfeit version of the platform which also creates social circles was recently discovered. There is a difference that once the genuine versions of Chirpty was in use and it started to request the payment of $ 0.99 for immediate results. The counterfeit version of Chirpty is completely free, however it does request permissions that aren’t recommended to give.

These permissions allow you to view the entire content of your timeline including following and unfollowing accounts, tweets being posted or tweets, silencing, blocking or even reporting. These are all actions only you can perform on our own accounts, therefore we should not make use of this feature. However, if you’ve been in their network and have been granted permission it is possible to remove their privacy settings of Twitter.

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