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Choose India’s Largest Manufacture of Flex Printing Machine

Flex printing is a method of taking the original art image and converting it into different colors, which can be used for varied industries like fashion, books, etc.

Colorjet is India’s largest manufacturer of Flex Printing Machine in India. They are offering various models and sizes to meet your printing needs. They are offering the ultimate performance in terms of quality, durability, printing speed and cost effectiveness. Their Nepune Plus machine is not only an innovation but also the evolution of time-tested printing technology. Its features like multi colour feature, faster process, high quality images, low cost, easy maintenance and flexibility are making it all the more competitive in the market.

The paper feed system of Colorjet machine is innovative. It provides high quality prints with lower cost and greater speed. The mechanism incorporated in machine has been developed as per the requirement of the printing industry. It has excellent print quality and offers higher speed than other traditional types of printers. This Flex printing machine is capable of producing fine details, big images and graphics.

With the passage of time Flex printing machines have gained more popularity and recognition in India. Many manufacturing and industrial firms located in India are using this India made Flex printing machines. The prime objective of manufacturing units located in India is to utilize its expertise and use best available technologies to make their products known all over the world. The Large Format Printers available in India not only offer effective solutions for their customers but also help them stay ahead in terms of market share.

For new companies in India they can also avail the service of flex printing machines from India. Neptune Plus from Colorjet is gaining much favour among various clients. The major benefit that can be gained by companies from Neptune is that they can save a lot on cost. The high volume production of new companies in India requires them to make use of best available technologies to produce their products at economical costs. Colorjet machines from India not only help them to get their products manufactured economically but also help them stay competitive in the market.

Another great advantage which can be enjoyed by clients from Colorjet machine from India is that it allows them to produce their own eco solvent printer cartridges. Eco solvent cartridges are created with organic ingredients and are biodegradable in nature. They are capable of making our environment green. The eco solvent cartridge which is used by flex printing machine can easily make your company visible to everyone across the globe.

One important factor that you need to consider before purchasing is the type of maintenance that is required for the digital flex printing machine. Since it is an automatic machine, you need to ensure that regular replacement parts and accessories are available for it. The lubricant that is used in these automatic machines should be changed at regular intervals because they do not last forever and require a special formula for better performance. Therefore, it is important that you buy the lubricant from an authentic company. Colorjet being an Indian brand provides excellent after sales service with almost all spare parts made available in quick interval of time which saves a lot of production time and increases business.

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