Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

Marijuana cultivation has an old history from China that is a main psychoactive drug. Unlike other living plants, Marijuana grows with a series of stages, and as the best form of Cannabis, it is essential to know its every stage effectively.

It’s essential to know and understand the growth procedure or stages to get a healthy and partial plant. The needs of plants are also crucial to know; however, many companies offer the healthiest and well trellis, prune and train plants of Marijuana, and Green Relief is one of them in which people rely on and get the best harvested well-grown plants. 

Stages of Marijuana growth

The stages of a plant’s growth decide the plant’s quality, and usually, Marijuana takes 10-32 weeks to grow. The initial stage is the growth from the seed that converts into a plant within 3-8 months; however, it can also be grown quicker with the help of a clone or an auto flower seed.

A wide range of marijuana plants’ growth stages and the rate is determined at the vegetative stage, in the period before flowering and after seedling. You can grow the plant in your home or outside; if you grow it indoors, you can get the proper weed only after a few weeks, and it rapidly converts into a big plant from small. Notion changes of the season affect your plant growth in outdoor growing; however, in outdoor growing, you need to wait for the sun, require care for flowering and then harvest.  

Primarily marijuana plants have four growth stages, from seed germination to harvest. 

  • Germination- It’s the first stage that takes 3-10 days. 
  • Seedling- It’s the second stage that takes 2-3 weeks. 
  • Vegetative- The third stage takes 3-16 weeks of time. 
  • Flowering- It’s the fourth stage that requires 8-11 weeks. 
  • Seed germination is the initial stage of plant growth that requires 16 hours of sunlight in a day. An ungerminated seed looks green and fleshy, and after the germination, it gets brown, and the top of the seed starts growing a tip plant in an upward direction. 
  • Seedling is the second growth stage of the plant that takes light cycles of 16 hours in a day. When seedling starts, you will get more development of fan cannabis leaves. If a plant shows 3-7 blades, it means that it gets matured. 
  • VegetativeThe vegetative stage is the thor stage of marijuana plant growth that takes 3-16v weeks with 16 hours of sunlight. It takes approximately 6 hours of outdoor sunlight directly and also indirect sunlight for several hours. It’s the stage where plant growth departs, and it determines the sex of the plant. 
  • The flowering stage is the last stage that requires 12 hours of sunlight for 8-11 weeks, and the resinous buds get started developing in the plant. It also has three phases that are initial flowering, mid flowering, and last flowering. 

Final Thought 

Marijuana plant growth requires a varying amount of light, nutrients, and water at its different stages because all the stages are separable from each other. It takes time to grow and mature as its effect depends on the care it gets. However, the plant’s prune and train are determined by the growth stages of the marijuana plant. You can get it naturally from Green Relief, as it’s the best place to get a qualitative marijuana plant. 

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