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Every time there is talk of business process outsourcing (BPO) the name that first comes to mind is the Philippines. That’s because BPO Philippines has been leading the global outsourcing industry by way of a number of values that enabled it to set a global benchmark that is difficult for the competition to meet. It is not easy to maintain this kind of edge across two decades in a purely service-oriented business. The challenge is stiffer when you have to provide support services to customers in a foreign country. There are challenges of language and cultural compatibility that an outsourcing services provider has to meet, which most BPOs around the world barring those in the Philippines find challenging. 

Over two decades of consistency in excellence 

The Philippines outsourcing industry has an early beginner advantage but that has never made the country complacent in all these years. On the contrary, they kept on setting the bar higher year after year and used all the experience they gained in the early stages to good use. They soon had archives full of knowledge and insights about the methods and best practices of customer support that is followed in the different industries in those off-shore locations. That has given the Philippines a massive lead over its competition. 

High rate of literacy and English proficiency 

The Philippines boasts of one of the highest literacy rates of over 98% not just in Asia but anywhere across the world. As is the nature of Filipinos to build on their strengths, they used this advantage to good effect by promoting higher education at scale. Today, there are a large number of technical education colleges attuned to the offshore outsourcing industry across the Philippines. The thousands of students graduating from these colleges are readily absorbed in the BPOs. 

Low cost of services for high levels of performance 

You don’t often come across low cost products or services that offer great quality but the BPO providers in the Philippines have proven this cost-benefit ratio wrong. When it comes to low cost of services, the Philippines offers options that are the lowest anywhere but without compromising on quality. This unique distinction of the Philippines is not based on any random opinion poll but is manifested across more than two decades of excellence in service delivery. 

Excellent work ethic and professionalism 

The call center customer service industry deals with huge amounts of data, a lot of which is critical personal banking and financial data of customers. In BPO protocol, such data is protected by privacy policies and the Philippines outsourcing companies have always gone the extra mile to ensure data protection. That is the outcome of good education which is aligned to government policy of creating the perfect ecosystem for the BPO industry to flourish. 

Outsourcing is the mainstay of Filipino economy 

The customer service call center industry in the Philippines is one of the mainstays of the country’s economy and generated over $26 billion dollars of revenue at the last count. In addition to that, it employs close to 2 million people directly and supports the incomes of a huge section of the population offering their services to sustain this industry. In fact, the Philippines government, irrespective of the party in power, makes it a point to support the country’s BPO industry in every possible manner. 

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