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The Amazon jungle (also known as the Amazon Rainforest) is located northwest of Brazil. It extends to cover some areas of Peru and Columbia making it a vast expanse of green vegetation, exotic birds, and animals. There are many Rivers in the jungle and it is bordered by various river towns which include Iquitos (Peru), Manaus (Brazil), Puerto Maldonado, and Belem (Brazil). Iquitos is known for its retreat centers and lodges that offer tours and guides through the rainforest. The retreat lodges organize these tours, and they assign reputable/experienced guides to ensure that the tours are hitch-free.


For Amazon Jungle tours, Iquitos, Peru is a top destination for various reasons. It is a prime location as a border town to the lush jungle. This gives the lodges an edge as they do not have to spend as much to organize tours for their retreat guests. Iquitos is a semi-remote area only accessible by flights, but it is the top destination for a vast majority of tours to the Amazon jungle. These tours involve visiting famous sites, river cruises, jungle walks, and sightseeing. These tours involve various activities, and the cost of these tours is determined by how many activities you will engage in.


One of such lodges that offer these tour services is Selva Vida. It is located in Santa Maria that is about an hour from Iquitos by boat ride. Selva Vida offers its residents a chance to visit the lush Amazonian jungle and surrounding villages and towns. They also offer their guests a guide for their trip and educate them on all the safety measures needed for the trip. The Selva Vida Amazon Jungle Tour, Peru, is for individuals who want to go deeper and experience the Amazonian environment. If you do not want to engage in jungle tours, the center also offers day trips to nearby villages and towns if you wish to have a change of scenery.


Amazon jungle tours are a standard offering by lodges located in Iquitos. If you are staying at a retreat in the area or are traveling solely for the jungle tour, you should make adequate preparations to ensure that you have all you need for the trip. You should also compare prices between various tour organizers and check the services offered to select the best deal for yourself.

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