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It is normal to have cognitive decline in old age, but there is a difference between age-related memory loss and actual diseases such as Alzheimers and dementia. Those who have a disease often experience memory loss at a faster rate with specific symptoms that are usually behavior related because of the nature of the disease. Because of these behavior-related symptoms, caring full time for someone with dementia can be very draining. And it is in fact a full time job as many of them need one on one care at all hours of the day. 

A great option for those who suffer with this is moving to a memory care facility. There are a lot of advantages to making this change even though it can seem scary. Choosing the right facility is important. If you are in or near Idaho, Pocatello memory care is a great option. How is memory care different? 

Here are a few common differences that you should look for in a memory care facility:

  • Security
  • Medication management
  • Staff training and retention 


The Gables memory care facilities are different from their regular assisted living quarters because the memory care side is locked and secured at all times to prevent residents wandering off without needed supervision. If someone with dementia goes for a walk and gets lost, they will not be able to find their way back and often can’t communicate any of their personal information in a clear way. Doors will usually have automatic locks with either a doorbell or a passcode for approved visitors and staff to enter. 

Medication management

Taking the appropriate amount of medication at the appropriate times is essential to staying healthy. Too much or too little medicine can be very detrimental for anyone, but especially seniors. If you notice a family member is not taking their medication or forgetting they have taken it and doubling up on doses, it may be time to consider a memory care facility. All of the staff should be trained and able to pass medication. The medication will also be securely stored in a safe place to avoid any issues. With the help of The Gables, you can kick your pillbox to the curb! 


Why is staff so important in a memory care facility? Those who suffer from any form of dementia have a very difficult time with change. Although their brains likely will not allow them to remember staff by name, their behaviors are managed better with consistency. Staff in memory care facilities should also have specific training. It can be difficult to know how to help someone with Alzheimers or dementia. The training should cover how to handle aggressive behaviors and 

Making the Choice

Knowing when to make the move is possibly the most difficult step in the process. Once you have decided that memory care is what is best for your loved one, make sure to tour the facilities available in your area. Ask questions and check reviews to make sure that your loved one will get the best care possible.

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