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What is THC-O?

While some people may consider the use of cannabis as a new concept in the health and wellness industry, it has long been used for medicinal and recreational purposes for centuries. Whether you are new to the concept of cannabis or a firm believer of its powerful effects, you should know about the next big thing in the world of cannabis.

In the last couple of years, the cannabis derivative that has gained most popularity is CBD, the second most active ingredient in the plant. CBD has garnered the attention of both medical community and consumers due to its scientifically-corroborated effectiveness in treating pain, inflammation, anxiety, epilepsy, hypertension, and drug withdrawal among other medical conditions. However, with the arrival of a new cannabinoid in the market, the spotlight has been stolen from CBD.

The cannabis market has become more diverse than ever with the introduction of new forms of cannabis. Cannabis manufacturers have been constantly trying to find more specific ways to use the plant.

The latest discovery in the world of cannabis is THC-O, a synthetic cannabinoid that is three times stronger than THC. Though THC-O is new to the market, the three times more potent cannabinoid has engendered a wave of curiosity, blitheness, and confusion among canathusuats. THC-O is unlike any other cannabis derivatives. Its ability to triple the strength of delta 9 THC makes it both psychoactive and psychedelic. While some canthusuats see it as a heavenly panacea, some are concerned about its safety.

What is THC-O-Acetate (THC-O)? 

THC-O-acetate (THC-O) is a synthetic cannabinoid that is not naturally present in the cannabis plant. It is produced from a chemical process that involves a toxic chemical called acetic anhydride.

THC-O is an analog or semi-synthetic cannabis derivative that is converted from delta-8 THC or delta-9 THC. The delta-8 THC used to produce THC-O is usually converted from cannabidiol (CBD). The three times greater potency of THC-O is attributable to the process used to produce it. Though most delta-8 products contain the compound converted from CBD, the cannabis plants contain delta-8 in trace amounts.

According to the available scientific evidence, the effects of THC-O are both three-times stronger and more long-lived than delta-9 THC.

THC-O Safety

Due to lack of research and regulation based on actual data, it’s unknown how safe THC-O acetate is. The compound has been concluded as a ‘prodrug’ by researchers i.e. the compound gets activated upon metabolization which takes about 20 to 30 minutes.

Though the effects of THC-O acetate have not been thoroughly investigated, researchers say that the effects of the compound vary depending on the product you are using. James Stephens, a cannabis researcher working for Iron Light, says that there are great variations in product quality as its commercial use has just begun. Stephens says that the quality of extract materials and reagents affect the purity of the product. He says that the purest form of THC-O acetate can only be produced by using clean and pharmaceutical-grade reagents. The purest version of THC-O acetate is produced with multiple downstream purification steps during the making, according to Stephens.

THC-O Legality 

As THC-O does not contain delta-9 THC and is derived from federally legal hemp, its use is technically legal. However, the chemical composition and potency of the compound may render its qualification as a Schedule I drug invalid.

The future of its legal status relies on its supply chain. While it may be considered legal due to its production process, the compound currently lies in a gray area which means it is likely to slip under the regulatory radar any time.

THC-O Benefits

Though THC-O has not been studied in detail, the available research shows that it may provide a multitude of health benefits due to its ability to influence the endocannabinoid system in the body. According to empirical evidence, THC-O produces similar effects to CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids. Here are some of the benefits associated with THC-O”

Nootropic Effects 

Like other cannabinoids, THC-O has powerful nootropic effects. Though the compound changes your perception during the high, it optimizes neural pathways to boost your creativity. THC-O interacts with cannabinoid receptors in the brain to awaken inactive or underactive parts of the brain. The compound curbs the effects of mental fatigue and stress to restore healthy neural activity.

Pain Alleviation 

When it comes to pain alleviation, THC-O may be as effective as CBD. Though the pain-relieving effects of THC-O are not well-corroborated in the light of scientific evidence, people taking THC-O have reported significant pain relief. The pain-relieving effects of THC-O and other cannabinoids are attributable to their ability to bind to cannabinoid receptors in the brain.

THC-O and other cannabinoids soothe pain associated with physical discomfort. They act on cannabinoid receptors to regulate pain sensitivity. These compounds temporarily desensitize your brain, inhibiting the transfer of pain signals. They regulate pain sensitivity and inflammation levels by interacting with CB1 receptors in the nervous system.


This is the most unique benefit of THC-O which is not provided by any other cannabinoid. THC-O may act as a shortcut to help you step inside your mind in order to reflect on your habits and comprehend your mental patterns, thereby allowing you to make positive changes in your mental behavior. THC-O achieves this by triggering certain parts of your brain that boast negative patterns, stress, and emotional trauma. The compound increases the malleability of these parts to change how you feel, think, and behave.

These effects of THC-O are attributable to its psychedelic properties. As your thinking patterns are more rigid in a sober state, THC-O gives you an opportunity to introspect by producing an astronomical high.

Where to buy THC-O?

As mentioned above, the effectiveness and safety of THC-O vary depending on the product you are using. While there still is great uncertainty regarding the safety of the compound, people are using THC-O products for the above-mentioned benefits.

There are a large number of cannabis brands that offer THC-O products like The Green Dragon CBD. The Green Dragon CBD offers a variety of THC-O products, including Kush Burst THC-O Gummies. Kush Burst THC-O Gummies come in a wide range of flavors, such as Sour Blue Raz, Watermelon Blast, Mystery Berry, and OMG.


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