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How important is learning to write an academic paper? First, if you know how to write an academic paper, you will be able to read an academic paper, and you will know what it is after you learn it. Second, if you know how to write an academic paper, you can write an academic paper. After you learn it, you know how to write an academic paper.

Many students have studied in the university seriously for many years. They have won scholarships every year, and have been named as cadres and activists of the society. They have been offered by major companies without graduation. However, they have never been exposed to thesis. There are a lot of writing methods before graduation. I can’t understand what a graduation thesis is, and the topic selection is even less targeted. Even if I asked about the past review requirements and pass rates of your supervisors everywhere, but I could n’t choose a topic.


Even in college, I looked at the materials and finally got my graduation thesis and graduated successfully, but after I came out to work, there are still how many academic papers each employee writes in each special unit. Otherwise, each one will be evaluated first, and the title rating will not be qualified.

What should I do if my organization doesn’t have the comprehensive library materials on campus? Can I do my homework for me? My self? Obviously, patchwork and plagiarism will not work. Think about it. The reason why we have such requirements must be related to our own professional knowledge. You have a certain knowledge reserve. If you can understand how to write an academic paper and how to obtain reference materials through unreliable channels, is it a problem? Easy to solve?

So how to write a good academic paper? The main point is choosing the topic.

A good start is half the battle. Be careful when choosing a topic.

So what issues do we need to pay attention to when choosing a topic?

– Topic selection should be based on interest

Which topic you choose determines the direction of your research. You must be interested in choosing the topic,

Interest is the best teacher, and writing a dissertation is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. Reading books, finding information, and analyzing and writing, if you are not interested, you will get twice the result with half the effort. Interest is the driving force for all actions.

– It should be quite prepared

You can choose the topic you are good at. If you are not good at it, you must have a certain understanding of related knowledge. If you do not have a certain understanding of the relevant knowledge, it will lead to the incomplete collection of materials, the views will naturally narrow, and the difficulties encountered in the research will inevitably increase. In addition, if you choose a topic that involves special research, you must be unfamiliar with the research tools, and even if you choose the topic, you will get very little. For example, the study of modern society and natural science requires appropriate research tools: statistical methods.

–  The topic should be practical and not vague.

The topic cannot be selected too large. Generally, there is a deadline for writing a dissertation. If the topic is too large, there must be a lot of content. It takes a long time to check the information. In general terms, there is nothing to say, and it can only end bleakly. Furthermore, some topics are often not worth the time to study.

– Avoid controversial topics

Avoid subjective and hot topics. Due to the subjective influence of people, there are no objective scientific facts that can be corroborated. They cannot be chosen.


We hope these tips can be useful.


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