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It is common that parents want best in class training for their students. If you have a child who is aspiring to get into IITs in India, then you will surely have a plethora of IIT institutes options before you. It is important for you to choose the right kind of institute here on which you can rely without thinking twice. One such institute is Nucleus Education Kota. Nucleus is an IIT training institute that has almost everything that students want in it. Be it good faculty or great infrastructure this institute is equipped with everything that students usually strive for and this is the reason why it has become the most reliable option. But there are a lot of other institutes in the market, why prefer Nucleus Education Kota? Keep reading this article to know the difference between Nucleus and other institutes-


The founders of an institution will have a huge role in deciding how reliable an institute is going to be. There are so many training institutes out there but not all of them are established by IIT alumni right. Yes, there are a total of five founders in Nucleus Education and five of them come from esteemed IITs from India. All the students who were trained at Nucleus Education don’t have anything other than praising for the founders. This proves the kind of impact these founders had on their students. From curriculum to selecting the faculty, founders are involved in everything to ensure that the students get only the best guidance and it helps students in various ways.

Veteran Faculty

Every trainer that you see in Nucleus Education Kota is handpicked by the founders. After going through a strict screening process, the management hires faculty. This is to ensure that students are trained by the best faculty present out there. Every trainer is a veteran in their respective industry and has an abundance of knowledge with them. They teach each and every concept in depth so that students can understand it from basics. Listening to the classes and working on the homework is enough for students to understand a concept. The entire training faculty are great at what they are doing and are very good for students. Whereas the other IIT institutes won’t take this much care while hiring the faculty. Most of the faculty you see there are the students who have just completed their education, etc. which won’t help the students. Moreover, the faculty is always there to help students in understanding the concepts and clear their doubts.


Nucleus Education Kota has its own material for the competitive examinations. It won’t rely on any other material from publications to make students understand things. Every student will get his or her own material which will help them in preparation for their big exam. Who prepared this material? – the founders along with veteran trainers. The institute wants to ensure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to proper training and hence, they create their own set of material too. This material is curated with a lot of care and every important thing that students have to know about their IIT exam is present there. Most of the other institutes out there use third party study materials to train its students.


Who wouldn’t want to study in the best institute in Kota with high-end infrastructure right! The Nucleus Education Kota understood the importance of infrastructure. They have arranged everything that a student needs for better preparation. Top class and latest furniture along with ACs. This way students will be provided with an environment that will make them feel safe and secure.

Regular Assessment

Students are assessed for their knowledge that they have imparted from time to time. This is one of the best ways to know where the students stand. No matter how much trained students are, it is important to test their knowledge about the concepts from time to time. This assessment is going to aid students in various ways. Nucleus Education Kota conducts assessments on a weekly and monthly basis. After the examination, paper is discussed by the faculty to know how students performed. This entire assessment process will bring out the best in students and helps them perform in an even better way. Regular monitoring on students is a mandatory requirement in Nucleus Education.

Best in Class Results

You can compare the results of Nucleus Education with any institute that you may seem fit, you will understand where Nucleus is standing. The institute has always given best results and there are so many students who bagged top 100 ranks in IIT.

Nucleus Education Kota is better than other institutes in various ways. It aids students in various ways and ensures that they are successful in achieving their goals.

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