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Christmas Coloring Book

Christmas coloring books are always fun, and they are a great way for kids to keep themselves entertained during the Holiday season. That is what Wellington Press had in mind when they released their new Christmas coloring book “Christmas Coloring Pages” for the 2020 Christmas season.

However, little did they know how quickly their Christmas Coloring Pages would take off!

Since the book’s release, it has quickly become a “#1 New Release” on Even though the book has only been out for a couple of days, customers are loving it, and have already started reaching out to Wellington Press to tell them so.

Roman Alexander Wellington, CEO of Wellington Press, stated, “It’s been a pretty crazy past few days. We never expected our new Christmas Coloring Book to take off as quickly as it has. Obviously, we had hoped for the best, but this has really been amazing. We’ve been receiving messages on both our website (, and on our Instagram (@WellingtonPressOfficial), from customers thanking us and telling us how cute they thought the book is.”

He continued, “This morning we had a customer message us on Instagram to tell us that she had bought the book for her daughter and that it was the cutest Christmas coloring book she had ever purchased. She then told us that she wanted us to know that she was purchasing several more as “stocking stuffer” gifts for her nieces and nephews.”

The book contains thirty (30) adorable coloring pages for kids (ages 4-8), that are designed to provide hours of festive coloring fun.


The Christmas Coloring Book Features Fun and Festive Designs Including:

  • SantaColoring Pages
  • Elves Coloring Pages
  • Snowmen Coloring Pages
  • Reindeer Coloring Pages
  • Christmas Trees Coloring Pages
  • Adorable Penguins Coloring Pages
  • Gingerbread Men Coloring Pages
  • Christmas Ornament Coloring Pages
  • and more

Designs are all printed one-per-page and are all single-sided to help prevent “bleed through” in case a child decides markers are the way they want to color.

Additionally, all 30 designs come with a black-lined border, so once they are colored & cut, the pages can be shown off by being hung on a wall, put on the fridge, or hung somewhere else special … and they are already “pre-framed”.

When Mr. Wellington was asked about how he felt regarding the positive reaction from his customers he stated, “I’m incredibly touched, and grateful to them! As an Indie Publishing House, and as a small business in general, our customer’s support in purchasing our products means the world to us. We believe that if we provide our amazing customers with great products, they will come to trust in our quality and see what we as a company stand for. Our goal is to build great relationships and genuine trust with our customers, and hopefully, in doing so, our customers will give us the opportunity to earn their business again in the future.”

To pick up a copy of “Christmas Coloring Pages” please visit:

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