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Christmas Gift Ideas for Those Who Struggle With Mobility

When you‘re starting to lose some of your mobility life can get very difficult indeed when everyday tasks such as picking something up from the floor or moving around the home become harder.

Those who are lucky enough to receive care at home can access as much help as they need day to day but even so it is still important for self-esteem to be independent and able to do things for themselves.

So with this in mind and Christmas coming up, here are our suggestions for the most helpful gifts for people who struggle with mobility.

A Grabber

Many older people have multiple joint problems and a grabber, a roughly 30” long pole with a handle at one end and a hand substitute at the other, can be used to reach things on a shelf or on the floor without having to bend or stretch.

A Jar Opener

This is great for anyone with reduced grip. Mounted underneath a shelf, kitchen cabinet or table it will make opening jars and medicine containers so much easier.

A Personal Assistant Device

For anyone who is ok with internet usage there are several devices on the market, including Amazon’s Echo, Apple’s Homepod and the Google Nest Hub, which are all virtual assistants ready to help with playing music, checking weather forecasts, contacting friends and answering questions all without using your hands or moving from your chair.

Bathside Safety Handle

If your elderly relative needs support getting in and out of the bath but doesn’t want permanent fixings you could buy a safety grip handle which is easy to install and remove.

Foldable Shopping Trolley

You can get a smaller sized, lightweight shopping trolley on wheels which can be used to easily transport things around the home as well as for shopping – much easier than carrying bags which strain the hands and shoulders.

Nutribullet Magic Blender

This multi-purpose blender makes easy work of chopping, slicing, blending and juicing and is the ideal way to ensure your relative can get nutritious meals without all the time-consuming effort.

Electric Toothbrush

Whether powered by electricity or battery-driven an electric toothbrush requires less effort to ensure teeth are brushed thoroughly so is especially useful for those with arthritis in the hands, elbows or shoulders.

Bedside or Chair Arm Caddy

When it is too much of an effort to keep getting up from the chair or out of bed to fetch things, a caddy with multiple pockets and holders will keep magazines, books, pens and remote controls all in one place.

Riser/Recliner Chair

If you feel like splashing out then a chair which rises and lowers to assist a person to get up from and in to is a must for those who have difficulty.

Ready Made Meal Boxes

A regular delivery of ready-made meals delivered straight to the door can help to ensure regular nutritious meals for those who have difficulty in standing at the stove cooking. Even better, why not arrange home care for your loved one to make sure all their needs are taken care of.

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