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Guides for shipping from China to the Amazon FBAGuides for shipping from China to the Amazon FBA

One of the most profitable and wide-spread strategies of business is shipping from China to  Amazon FBA. It might sound a bit complicated at first, but what makes it simpler is freight  forwarder shipping from China to FBA. Let’s get the shows of a buyer to understand what this  whole business strategy looks like before and after availing the services of the freight forwarder  shipping from China to FBA. 

Just when you are done with the first step; purchasing from China, a lot of questions spring up  for you as a new seller. Some of them might be what are the most convenient and cost-efficient  Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder service from China? How to deal with and clear customs and  

duties after the goods arrive? And most importantly, what is the cheapest way to ship? As a new  Amazon seller, in most cases, you are not qualified and familiar enough to calculate the shipping  costs, customs duties, and clearance. Why is it very crucial to have all this knowledge is because  if you do all this preparation work ahead of time, then you would be able to have the advantage  

of the selling price? Hence, you can easily make more profit.  

So, what is the solution? We bring you one of the most trusted and highly valued freight  forwarder shipping from China to Amazon FBA. The name is China Freight. This article will  explain why you should choose this Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder service over any other  shipping service to ship your freight from China to the Amazon FBA.  

Why China Freight? 

With an experience of over 20 years, China Freight is one of the most regarded and trusted  Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder services in the market. We do not only incorporate your needs,  budget, and requirements but also determine the best shipping service routes and transshipment  points. It’s our privilege to have a team with extensive knowledge of cargo shipping to help and  guide you to make the best decisions possible. 

China Freight Co., Ltd is an international shipping company, registered at the Ministry of  Transport of the People's Republic of China. With the motto of “DELIVER ANYTHING,  ANYWHERE, ON TIME”, we aim to provide our customers with reliable, efficient, and cost effective transportation solutions for the companies with unique shipping needs. 

With overwhelming support from our global network of selected partners, our Amazon FBA  Freight Forwarder service covers more than over 100 countries. 

What Do We Offer? 

Let’s take a brief view of what services do we offer when we claim the China Freight to be one  of the best Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder service shipping from China to FBA. This will  follow a bit more detailed insight into our special services.

  1. We will Collect Your Products 

It is our responsibility to facilitate the buyer as much as we can. So, our team will communicate  directly with your suppliers and arrange for the transport of your cargo from the factory the  moment it is ready. 

  1. Consolidate Your Shipments 

When shipping products from China to Amazon FBA from multiple suppliers, it is required to  collect the cargo from all stores/suppliers andstore it in the warehouse until it is ready to be  shipped. Our Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder service will do this all for you. If any product  requires repackaging or kitting, it will also be taken care of before shipping from China to  Amazon FBA. 

  1. Cargo and Product Inspection 

We will make sure all of your cargo is FBA compliant, by conducting multiple full inspections,  identifying possible issues, and providing you with suggestions for corrective actions through an  inspection report. 

  1. Product Preparation & Labelling 

Even though whether your products ask for FNSKU labels, warning labels, poly bagging,  welcome cards, or not. We can arrange the full product preparation & labeling before the  shipment leaves China for Amazon FBA. 

  1. Ship Directly to Amazon FBA 

Unlike many other shipping services, we will not include a middleman for your products.  Instead, once your products are ready, they would be shipped directly to the Amazon FBA from  China. This counts full import and export processes. Direct shipping from China to Amazon  FBA saves clients from extra custom duties, tariffs, and taxes that would have been due  otherwise. 


AxChange allows you to monitor weights on multiple scales at your location. Being a cloud application, AxChange can be accessed on any device including your PC, iOS and Android devices. With real time weight tracking, customized alerts and hierarchical access control, AxChange can solve many issues brought about by weight application especially in a remote driven world.

What’s Different? 

In this section of the article, as mentioned, we will dive a bit deeper to compare the services that  the China Freight offers with other shipping services to conclude what is most beneficial and  cost-efficient for you. 

  1. Sea Freight 

We partner with premium freight carriers around the world to offer the most secure space and  competitive rates for all your sea shipping requirements, no matter is FCL or LCL. 

The sea shipping from China to FBA can be a hectic procedure with the routes, custom  clearance, regulations, and cost. However, our expert team makes sure that the process runs  smoothly, and you don’t have any creases over your forehead. 

After the digitalization of our services, our sea freights have become so reliable and efficient that  as a client you can track and trace your cargo anywhere & anytime. At China Freight, we  provide exceptional customer service and make sure that our trusted carriers leave with your  cargo as scheduled. In the case of any unforeseen disaster, we are fully equipped with 

warehouses that can store your products safely. Our top priority is the security and safety of our  clientele’s products. 

  1. Air Freight 

We lead the air freight industry by providing the most innovative and reliable solutions to our  global clientele. The freight forwarder shipping from China to FBA will make sure to deliver to  you promptly, where ever you are. One thing is to be kept in mind that the rates for air freight  from Amazon FBA to China are cheaper than that off from China to Amazon FBA. That is why  our teams work hard to get you the most cost-effective packages for shipping from China to  Amazon FBA. 

Sometimes the client asks for faster delivery, as there is always a chance of losing potential  customers if the cargo does not reach on a certain time. At this point, our team comes striding in  with fast, secure, and safe air freight from China to Amazon FBA. 

Unlike other freight companies that will charge you extra depending upon the size of your cargo,  we workout to keep on par with your range of comfort and affordability. Similarly, the absence  of warehouses can prove to be a menace. That is the reason our services do not only ensure  seamlessly timely deliveries but also provide storage services at warehouses if needed. We surely  have our headquarters in China, but we have managed to have our warehouses scattered in all  major countries. We are fully equipped and prepared in the face of any un-seen circumstances. 

  1. Customs Brokerage 

We aim to provide easy, quick, and legal customs clearance services. This includes clearing your  goods, paying duties and tariffs, filling customs documents, all in one seamless transaction. All  thanks to our experienced customs professionals that are constantly attentive to the latest  customs laws and regulations. They are also responsible for the accurate classification of  imported items within thousands of categories. It does not matter if you are working first-time  with us, or you are a frequent shopper, we will take great care to clear all of your products  through customs while meeting all compliance rules. 

Our team of customs consultants will also analyze your supply chain to help optimize duties,  tariffs, and other taxes, enhance customs activities, identify potential areas of risk, and optimize  internal procedures to maximize compliance. 

Our teams will be in great coordination with you to prepare and submit all documentation  needed, clearing your products through Customs, paying duties, tariffs, taxes, making sure your  goods are in 100% compliance with Customs rules, and ultimately shipping your goods to their  final destination. 

  1. Cargo Insurance: 

We cannot control nature, but what we can do instead is get ourselves ready for the unseen.  Constructing on this, China Freight aims to protect your freight against any unforeseen loss,  damage, or any external cause of a very competitive premium. 

This can only be established only when binding in a bond of insurance with our clients. For that  purpose, we partner with a network of trusted companies around the world to provide 

comprehensive and affordable coverage options. With our protection insurance, we will be able  to minimize costly losses with your shipment if any. 

A good insurance policy is the one that covers the managed risks fully. Our customizable  policies are therefore designed to protect in-transit shipments/warehoused goods against all sorts  of possible losses/damages. Examples include theft, water damage, and damage caused during  loading or unloading. Precisely, our premium insurance policies give you peace of mind that  everything is being taken care of very well. Shipping from China to Amazon FBA made secure. 

  1. Warehousing 

Warehousing services are a very important aspect of the shipping industry. As mentioned in  several places, China Freight will take complete care of any storage requirements of your goods  on both a short- or long-term basis until they are asked for again. What we include in this  handling fulfillment, Amazon FBA prep, and even pick and pack services. 

We offer flexible short- and long-term storage plans designed that will fit your time-line and  space requirements. These storage facilities are designed to be very competitively-priced to not  disturb your budget. Also, our storage facilities are monitored with state-of-the-art video  surveillance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The arrangements for countering burglary and fire  are also put in place. 

Complete Order Fulfillment includes combining fulfillment services, order management, and the  best logistics available. We will also lend our services to you in this regard. Our teams will help  you in selecting your order and verifying it’s required fulfills as per law and regulation. This will  assure a seamless ordering process, by metering standing orders, daily orders, rush orders, back order releases, bulk orders, and direct sales shipments. 

Another important aspect of the safety and security of the freight is FBA Prep and Inspection. By  offering a comprehensive range of FBA Prep and inspection procedures, the safe delivery of  your goods for your customers at very competitive rates is assured. This includes bundling,  labeling, packaging, poly-bags, and all marketing materials. 

Lastly, what matters other than the size and the facilities a warehouse comes along with is its  strategic location. A more common point of view would suggest not having warehouse too close  to each other, but to try and occupy important locations. We take pride in telling that our  warehouses are very strategically located to position your freight around the globe in all  important places as China, Europe, Australia, Canada, and the United States. 

  1. Express Services 

At last, let’s mention our notable express services as we collaborate with a few of the big names  in the market like DHL, UPS, and FEDEX to provide quicker and easier express services for  both parcel and package. This will include all types of shipping and tracking solutions to fit your  needs.  

Expedited Delivery: Whether your package is small or large, we are committed to providing  you superb levels of service with a wide range of options to meet your sensitive delivery  requirements. Our expedited delivery usually takes 1-3 days to reach the customer.

Standard Delivery: Our Standard Delivery solution offers international postal services at very  affordable rates to help businesses/customers achieve rapid delivery and incredible efficiency.  On average, our standard services take 3-5 days to reach the destination. 

Economy Delivery: this is our most affordable and most asked for express/courier solution.  With this, you can enjoy a hassle-free option to match your non-urgent transit times. The  delivery time for this service is usually a week or more. 

Final Word 

The business world is expanding at a rapid pace. It is very large so the one with the best  transportation freight services is likely to gain an edge over others. They move your aim to be  forward in technology and speed, the better for your expansion. Conclusively, the faster the  deliverance of goods, the more widely connected the business world would be. 

In a world that is continuously getting faster and more advanced, China Freight services strive to  work up to the mark to provide you the best facilities for shipping from China to Amazon FBA.  Our Airfreight and Sea Freight services provide the required comfort level that you need while  your goods are being delivered. With the focus on customizing our facilities and expertise to  meet the client’s requirements, we provide some of the most reliable, faster, and secure solutions  to shipping issues. In short, whether it is a cheap standardized delivery or a fast deliverance of  goods. China Freight is the service you should be opting for.

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