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Some specific people in the world are cigar lovers. It is basically a niche hobby. Not everyone likes smoking cigars. The members of the cigar community are, however, extremely informed and dedicated individuals of the society. But how,? It is because they use social media and the internet to help know the important information related to the cigar product and its manufacturing. 

So friends, if you guys are new to smoking cigars, then you might not be aware of how to hold a cigar and some of the slang and jargon that goes directly over your head. No worries. Today, I have penned down some of the slang and terms that you must know. It is like an Urban Dictionary for cigar smokers.

What Does “Wrappers” “Fillers” And “Binders” Mean? 

If we talk about the construction process of a cigar, then it is usually crafted with three different tobacco layers. The first layer that is known as the “filler” is the core part of a cigar. This part of the cigar is responsible for the aroma and overall strength of the cigar. 

The “binder” that is a strong leaf is tightly wrapped around the filler just to hold everything in its right place. This part is good at adding the flavour to your cigar. However, the other part is the “wrapper” which is an outside leaf of the cigar. This part of the cigar works on the flavour you taste.

What Does The Word “Body” Mean?

While talking about the cigar slang, the term “body” refers to known as the amount of flavour that is produced by the cigar. Some of the people mistake the meaning of body by its strength which is opposite to it. It is because the strength in a cigar is a nicotine strength while the body is the flavour that is produced by cigar itself.

What Is “Herf”?

Don’t you ever hear the word “Herf”? A herf is a gathering or a party that is generally hosted by cigar smokers. This is a good time when you can make many new friends in the industry and know about the cigar trade. 

What Is Meant By “Blume” And “Plume”?

One of the highly controversial terms that are used in the cigar industry is the Blume and Plume. This is actually a crystallization effect that occurs when a cigar gets properly aged, usually in a much darker or enclosed environment. It a white powder that appears on the wrapper and can be easily removed when you brush it with your finger. This is evidence to the fact that the cigar has been perfectly aged and will going to offer the optimal smoking experience.

Have You Heard The Word “Draw”?

It is true that most of the people that are new to the cigars, do not know the cigar slang properly. They even do not know how to hold a cigar perfectly. But when they get themselves use to of it, they start knowing everything about it. 

The word “Draw” in cigar means that how good you are at pulling the smoke from your cigar while puffing it. No doubt that a cigar has a very tight draw that produces very little smoke. Moreover, a cigar that has a good open draw, it will help you produce a great amount of smoke that will come out even with a very light drag.

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