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A belly band holster is a perfect solution for the ones who want a versatile and flexible way to conceal and carry. Knowing how you can carry your belly band will allow you to carry your small things. It does not matter where you go, what you do, and what you wear, you can always carry your needed accessories with you. 

A belly band can be used as your primary carry system or a complementary part of your carry gear. Most people use it in the former capacity while others in the latter.

You can wear the best belly band holster as per your preference. The following are the orientations and positions where you can wear your belly band holster. Let’s check them out.

Under The Arm

You can wear your belly band holster under the arm. This is a right orientation for the ones who are carrying something for themselves or the others. For this position, you need to connect the belly band at the front side of yourself. Make sure that the connection is tight. 

Then, you need to move the belly band according to your desired position just beyond your shoulder. Do you know that wearing a belly band under your arms shows the versatility of your holster as it becomes an easy and comfortable way of carrying your things?

Across The Chest

Across the chest position of carrying the holster is just good for those who are wearing a jacket or a blazer. For this orientation, you need to place each of the Velcro ends of your belly band holster until it gets fit across one of the shoulders down to your rib side. 

Now you can move the holster part of the belly band as per choice. Usually, men can wear belly bands across their chests because they feel comfortable with that position. So this one is a good option for carrying your guns or anything you want.

Around The Hip

Wearing your belly band holster around the hip is an ideal one for the unstructured garments without bands and belt loops. 

You can place the belly band just behind your hips and after securing a good position with the Velcro, you can tight it according to your preference. Women can easily go with this position while wearing tight pants or skirts. They can even get it fit around their waists or under the shirts.

At The Stomach

You can also try carrying your belly band holster right at your stomach. Yes, no matter what top, jacket, or shirt you are wearing this position is always going to be fit with your dress. 

So you can place your best belly band holster behind you and keep on connecting the arms around the stomach until it reaches a safe fit. It gets fits easily on both men and women. Moreover, it always gives you security because you can easily sense where you can reach your essentials or a gun easily.


So, a belly band holster is a must-have for the ones who are going for a walk, or somewhere for a short time. It is because they can easily carry their important things in a small kind of a bag. 

Also, it is good for those who love guns and always want to carry them where ever they go. You can choose the best position of carrying the belly band holster according to your desired preference.

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