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Cigarette boxes keep tobacco fresh during shipping.Cigarette boxes keep tobacco fresh during shipping.

Smoking, despite being an addiction has long been connected with fashion and style. The design and structure of a cigarette Pack plays an important role in maintaining the quality of tobacco. Cigarette Boxes and Metal cigarette boxes are commonly used as a personal accessory and to keep the tobacco fresh.

 Tobacco companies these days are very concerned about their cigarette branding through its packaging. With the growing demand for cigarettes, their prices are also increasing. Cigarette companies try to opt for cost-effective packaging for cigarettes. A high standard tobacco rolling paper, airtight casing and a water-resistant body are the most important ingredients for a perfect cigarette package. It keeps the tobacco fresh and safe during shipping. People do not use it only for utilitarian purpose but most of the time just to follow the trend to be in a certain market. 

Cigarette’s rolling paper quality, the appearance of the cigarette pack, brand name and the quality of tobacco everything counts in maintaining the brand’s position in the market.

The cigarette industry mostly depends upon the quality of Tabaco and maintenance of this quality. The quality of tobacco involves its physical and chemical composition. It also depends on the kind of tobacco and the conditions under which tobacco was produced. The taste and aroma of tobacco is directly linked with the high standards of manufacturing procedures. Chemically tobacco is a combination of protein, amino acids, ammonia, alkaloid, polysaharid, polyphenol, organic acids, and pigments. This is the natural aspect of the tobacco that it dries up too fast and only a perfectly designed cigarette box can prevent them from crashing, getting wet and evaporation of their natural fragrance. There are many ways to keep the cigarette safe by doing alterations in its packaging explained as follows:

Airtight cigarette containers

Airtight cigarette container is a pen-shaped container. It is economical and budget-friendly for those who are not chain smokers and do not want to carry the whole pack with them. You can insert a new cigarette in it or already the lit one. It works better when you are used to taking short breaks and want to save the cigarette after a few puffs.

Cigarette holders

As the consumption of tobacco is increasing, its prices have also increased so, one cannot afford to waste their cigarettes. Cigarette holders are very effective in keeping the cigarette fresh and moist. They prevent cigarettes from dryness and to keep their aroma and taste as it is as it was at the time of packing. Cigarette holders do not let your cigarettes get wet or crushed. Metal cigarette boxes are best in this regard. They fulfill both purposes, fashion and storage at the same time. It keeps the cigarette humid and fresh for a long time. These cases are best for travel and shipping purposes.

Cigarette cases as Gift

Tobacco tubes are too fragile, they need special care and covering. Cigarette boxes are designed by keeping in mind, the safety of these tubes for a longer time. People who are chain smokers, not only love to own cigarette accessory as a fashion, but to receive them as a gift also. This trend has brought versatility and style in the industry of cigarette casings. Tobacco users love to receive Vintage Cigarette Boxes as a gift. These cases have an opening like a booklet. Cigarettes can be arranged on both sides of this case. Vintage boxes have become a class symbol. They are embellished with Gold and Diamond and their base is mostly made up of brass and silver.

Aluminum Packaging

Aluminum foil is available in the market in gold and silver color. It is used in cigarette boxes for several reasons. Aluminum foil is light weighted, water-resistant, and has strong light reflection ability. Most importantly it keeps the box airtight and adds fragrance to the pack. It provides protection to the tobacco tubes. The combination of cigarette and aluminum foil adopts the process of wet bonding, which is far better than the hot melting bonding and dry bonding method.

Green Packaging of Cigarettes

Cigarette packaging is mostly eco-friendly as it is made up of card paper. During shipping, card paper gets damaged due to the humidity and weight. As a solution, these cigarette containers have an extra lamination outside the pack to make it waterproof.

Quality of rolling paper

A good rolling paper is made up of natural raw materials which enhances the taste and quality of smoking. There are several types of rolling papers available in the market to satisfy smoker’s needs. They can have papers made from rice, hemp, and wood. The Experience of smoking entirely depends on the quality of the rolling paper. A high quality paper not only preserves the actual essence of tobacco but also helps it in burning according to the requirement. A low quality rolling paper only burns the tobacco and does not gives the taste.

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