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Photography has always been my passion. Since my college days, I have been capturing nature and wild animals on my DSLR camera. A month back, I had four 500 GB hard drives full of photos. These photos gave me enough popularity on my Facebook and Instagram fan pages. But these pages were not just enough. I wanted to diversify and earn for my creativity.

A very close friend of mine who himself was a photographer told me about a platform from where he was making some money by just sharing his creative work. Clickasnap offered him this opportunity to share his photos and make money when someone views his photos online. Knowing about his success, I signed up with Clickasnap. Within few minutes, my account was ready to use.  

What is Clickasnap?

Clickasnap boasts to be first and only platform in the world that pays you for photo views. It also has systems in place to sell your creative work as private art galleries, physical prints, downloads, and ability to license the photos with the world’s first licensing systems. To help user get best-in-class experience, Clickasnap is constantly improving in technology.

Clickasnap is on a mission to be world’s largest still image club that can help you to learn from the top photographers, educate others, and watch your creative content getting feedback by real people. So, upload your content, join conversations, and most importantly, make money from your photos with Clickasnap. Once you start using Clickasnap, you will feel the difference and get to know how it is different from other popular image sharing platforms.

If you have keen interest in photography or have an intent to get popular throughout the world using your work, Clickasnap is the platform to eye at. It has a massive audience and reach. You can easily register with Clickasnap using your Facebook, Google, Twitter or email id. 

Clickasnap – How it works?

Clickasnap hosts a large image repository that is tailored by its users. With over 1,000,000 million members signed up and more than 2 million images viewed every day, Clickasnap offers 0.40¢ per photo view to its users. The money you earn can be withdrawn via PayPal once a minimum threshold of $15 is reached.

The Process

  • Upload your photos: After registering, upload your photos/images to the platform and start making money from today.
  • Users view your photos: As soon a user views your photos, you start earning money for every view. 
  • Get Paid: Once you have reached a minimum threshold of $15, you can withdraw the money via PayPal.

Clickasnap offers tiered membership levels – free account, ad-free account (£2/month or £19.20/year), seller account (£4/month of £38.49/year), and a pro-seller account (£6/month or £57.60/year).

Feature Highlights

  • Clickasnap is the most reliable platform for photo-sharing in the world.
  • The platform is available for both amateurs and expert photographers giving them opportunity to make money.
  • It is constantly evolving and bringing new enhancements and features.
  • It offers top-tier protection to your photos.
  • You will love its quick payouts once you reach the minimum threshold.

Automated Marketing System

One of best things that you will surely love about Clickasnap is that you can integrate your social media channel to it and also pick a time interval so that your photos can be promoted automatically for a week. This saves your extra marketing effort that you might put in to promote your photos among the masses.

The Pro-Seller Account

Another great thing about Clickasnap is that you can become a seller here and select from 1000s of products (canvasses, key rings, downloads, mouse mats etc.) to sell from. Some of the best features of pro-seller account are as follows:

  • Clickasnap charges a low commission rate (4%).
  • Display unlimited products on your shop.
  • Supports Pinterest integration so that your images get uploaded automatically on Pinterest board.
  • You can promote your profile/photographs with 100 free credits every month.
  • You get unlimited cloud storage to store your photos.

The Wrap Up

If you are a photographer with a vision and a zeal to earn money for your creative work, Clickasnap is the platform you should be eyeing at. It helps photographers and creative artists to share their photographs and make money for every view on their photos. It’s a new opportunity for any photographer who want to reach masses while making money for their work.

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