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You might have lots of valuable items at your home such as piano, artwork, houseplants, furniture and much more. Nice artwork, piano, aquarium you have there in your home, you can’t damage these at any cost even when you move. There are also several items in the home that are easier to move. But get prepared yourself to disassemble and assemble lots of furniture items. If you love DO-IT-YOURSELF project then this can be fun for you but if you don’t then this can be frustrating for you.

Moving immovable items!!!

Here are some of the immovable items that must be in top priority on your moving checklist:

Artwork, valuable décor, antique, and heirloom: Movers will pack and transport your artwork and heirloom pieces with extra care. It requires skills and experience to move these items. The monetary and sentimental value of these items is huge so don’t try to move these on your own. Hiring professionals will be an ideal option to move such immovable items.

Pianos: Pianos are the heaviest and bulkiest item that one has in their home. These are also one of the most difficult items to move. As you know piano has a huge monetary value but still many people choose to leave their piano behind in their old home. It is because of the heavier weight of the piano making it difficult to move.

Luckily with the help of the professionals, you can move the piano to your new home. They have proper equipment helpful in moving such delicate items without causing any damage to the walls, legs and other parts of the piano.

Furniture items: There are a couple of reasons that make it difficult to move furniture items especially those which are heavier in weight. Dissembling your furniture into parts to handle it with ease and then assemble it at your new home.

Basement furniture is the most difficult furniture to move because usually, the pass outdoor of a home is narrow and thinner as compared to the large basement furniture. And this is the reason why some people choose to leave behind the basement furniture.

Aquariums: It is recommended you to get rid of your aquarium before you move. On the other hand, if you are trying to move an aquarium with you then you should try these things.

  • Empty the most of the water of the tank remaining behind enough water so that the bacteria and another colony of the water can survive.
  • Fill enough water into the container and put fishes into it. Try to make them stabilize using the best possible way.

Contact your fish dealer to offer you the right equipment to transport your fishes safely.

Things that movers would not transport:

There are several items that movers do not move. 

Plants: You might not know but movers would not move your house plants. Certain laws had been there when it comes to transporting plants. Because some insects, as well as diseases, are not there in specific areas, transporting plants means you are welcoming invaders to that area and this is the reason why professional movers do not move plants. As there are several laws to be followed when it comes to moving plants and this is the reason why moving companies don’t usually move plants.

Even in case, plants are allowed to move, plants can either die during transit or these can potentially damage the items contained in the moving truck.

Explosives: Fireworks and some cleaning agents are the items that movers do not allow to move in their truck. Movers would not allow you to add explosives in the mover’s truck.

Valuable items: You should not move valuable items such as cash, jewelry, checkbooks, medicine and documents with movers in a truck containing other household belongings. Some professional movers do not specific rules when it comes on shipping valuables but for the safety, you should move such items on your own.

Items with sentimental value: Items with sentimental value are also the things that you should also consider while moving these with the movers. Keep these items close by to you when you move because this is the time when things tend to lose. Ask yourself the importance of the items and if the items can be replaced then you can ship these with movers.

Pets: Is there any need to tell this? Take the pet with you, like if you are moving into the car, take your pet with you in your car.

Special items: Different movers have different recommendations. Some movers would not move extremely heavy items such as piano as they don’t have the proper equipment for them while some would not move other special items such as hot tubs.

Consider these things and then decide which items you want to take with you while moving and if you are planning to move all the items then cater a plan for items to move them safely to your new home. You must also use moving cost calculator to get an estimate for the move and plan it financially. It is not an ideal option to move your items causing damage to it.

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