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best physical therapy after a broken ankle

The ankles and feet usually suffer the most from falls and sprains during a baseball game. It is beneficial to be aware of the common ankle injuries and treatment for better prevention and response.


The best physical therapy after a broken ankle usually helps in relieving the pain and regaining mobility. Read on to know the common ankle injuries for baseball players and the best treatment approach.


Ankle Sprains


Ankle sprains are the most frequent injuries for baseball players. It can slow down your performance. Generally, ankle sprains may occur when you slide into the base with your feet first. The base may not be a breakaway one. When you slide into this stationary object at a higher speed, any odd angle impact can cause an ankle sprain.


If you suffer ankle sprains, consult a doctor and undergo an x-ray evaluation. You can stabilize the injury with the RICE treatment method. It involves rest, ice packs, as well as compression, and elevation.


Ankle Fractures


Ankle fractures are another common injury for baseball players. You may suffer from an ankle fracture while awkwardly sliding into the base. Moreover, it can occur while running across the field or when a ball forcefully hits your ankle.

best physical therapy for baseball players

An ankle fracture can take you off the game for months. However, you can gain a speedy recovery by focusing on physical therapeutic exercises. The best physical therapy for baseball players helps you to regain the strength in your ankle. Severe cases may need surgery.


Peroneal Tendon Tears


A peroneal nerve controls your muscles around the ankle. It allows your ankle to keep bending from side to side. Moreover, peroneal tendons are attached to your foot’s outer part. They connect to your ankle inside arch. Essentially, these tendons help in maintaining the stability of your ankle.


Overuse and injury tears peroneal tendons. RICE treatment and stretching can help the peroneal tendons. You can find good stretching exercises in the best physical therapy for baseball players.


Achilles tendon Injury


Overtraining and a sudden spike in your physical activity can lead to Achilles tendon injuries. You can treat it with good rest and proper medication. Physical therapy exercises that focus on strength training are also an effective treatment option. For severe cases, it may be essential to go for surgery.


Baseball players tend to face ankle injuries often. It is crucial to start your treatment as soon as possible. Consult your doctor for proper evaluation. Additionally, look for the best physical therapy after a broken ankle or other injuries.


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