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At first, I want to tell you that it is not easy to grow seeds in room condition. It is very, very challenging work. But I will tell you the common mistakes that one made when growing seeds in home condition. Because I love growing marijuana in home condition, so here I the natural and common mistakes I can tell you very quickly, so to know all the common mistakes you can also do, for that read my article carefully till the end.

Here are some common mistakes that one makes when growing seeds indoors-

Don’t give proper light to the seed

When someone is planting seeds in home condition, then the most common mistakes which the people can make is not giving adequate light to the seeds. Everyone knows that when a tree has to grow, it needs too much sunlight. Without proper sunlight, a tree will not grow properly, and maybe the seed will lose its life under the soil. So, for that, you can arrange some artificial light. You should keep both a warm bulb and a cold bulb for maintaining the temperature well.

Not giving proper water or giving too much water

It is one of the big mistakes that one can make. You have to give proper water for growing seed to a plant. When you give too much water to a plant, it will rot the plant and not enjoy it because I love growing marijuanaso I also have to keep all these things in mind. And if you are giving little water to the plant, it will become dry and lose its life. So, you have to keep all things in mind and apply them perfectly to grow a seed into a plant.

Deep seed planting

It is another mistake, which anyone can make. Some of the seeds need complete darkness, and some of the seeds need little darkness, so you have to know all the things; you have to keep the proper knowledge for planting the seed. At first, know all about the seed you are planting and then plant it according to its need to grow properly.

Giving up too soon

When you are excited to plant a tree and want to grow it too early, but you are waiting for too much time. You can’t even the little green leaf in the soil, then the most important thing is that you have to keep patience, you have to wait for more, don’t give up too early, some seeds like [pii_email_37f47c404649338129d6] need too much time to came out, so wait for the proper time, and then you will see the plant.


Here in this article, I described some of the crucial points you can do mistakenly when planting a seed. So, follow these tips and save the seed from growing into a plant. If you find this article helpful, let us know your feedback.

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