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Are you not able to achieve erections when you need them? Not obtaining erections on demand can often be distressing and can negatively affect your mood, emotions, mindset, and relationship. 

Read on the blog and find out why this happens and what you can do to overcome the issue. 

How Do Erections Work?

Men are prone to audio and visual stimulations, specifically as children or teens. Listening to or seeing anything appealing can activate a passage in the brain that notifies the nerves in your spinal cord to release nitric oxide. When nitric oxide gets released, it dilates the wall of your blood vessels and improves blood flow to the penis, making it firm. 

Nitric oxide is the primary chemical in the whole erection process as you require a mix released from your blood vessels and nerves to obtain an erection. It may become challenging to attain an erection if blood vessels or nerves or both of them get damaged. Damaged blood vessels or nerves can often lead to diabetes or heart disease. So, if you have erection problems, please don’t overlook the significance of diagnosis and treatment.

Why Are You Unable To Get An Erection?

Erections are quite complex yet amusing. When you’re a young adult, it shows up at most awkward moments. However, when you get older, you observe that they fail to pop up on demand no matter how hard you try. 

The tragic news is that most men consider erection problems as a loss of masculinity. Remember, erection problems are not your fault. You should also not feel embarrassed or ashamed to talk over your sexual concerns. Various treatments are available to fix erection problems, and your healthcare provider will help you choose the best alternative.

Why Are You Losing Your Erections?

Medical Issues

The major medical causes of erection problems (erectile dysfunction) revolve around inadequate blood flow, insufficient nerve supply caused due to diabetes-related nerve damage, or low testosterone levels caused due to old age, obesity, or any other factors. 

Occasional erection problems are common in older age. However, if you’ve erratic erections for an extended period (i.e., for more than six months), this could signify an early sign of more severe diseases like diabetes or cardiovascular disease. 

Psychological Issues

Specific psychological issues can also contribute to erection problems. It includes stress, anxiety, depression, distraction, relationship conflicts, etc. You can consult an individual or couples counselor to overcome your psychological issues and improve your sexual function. 

A Combination Of Physical and Psychological Issues

In many cases, the key reason why you are unable to get or maintain erections is a combination of medical and psychological issues. For example, a vital hormone called cortisol is released in excessive amounts when you’re stressed. With the release of cortisol, all unimportant functions, including combating illnesses, reproduction, etc., gets temporarily shut down, allowing you to handle the danger beforehand. 

Inadequate or insufficient sleep is yet another example that can partially affect your erections by increasing the production of the stress hormone – cortisol. 

Other Factors That Might Affect Your Erectile Function

  • Clogged arteries: When your arteries are clogged or blocked, you may have a difficult time getting and maintaining erections as your penis doesn’t receive sufficient blood flow. 
  • Alcohol: Alcohol can adversely impact your erections. You may feel that your stress levels and inhibitions are managed with alcohol, but it also diminishes transmissions to the genitals. So, if you have erection problems, please avoid consuming alcohol. 
  • Cycling: Cycling compresses your pelvic region and can narrow down the nerves that carry blood to the penis. Talk to your doctor to determine if cycling is the underlying cause of your erection problems. If yes, avoid cycling and take up some more relaxing activities like swimming. Your problems will resolve within 2 – 3 months after the nerves dilate.
  • Drugs: Recreational drugs such as cannabis reduce sexual desire and the ability to get and maintain firm erections. Cocaine may weaken erections and delay or prevent ejaculation during sex, thus improving sexual satisfaction. 

How Can You Overcome Erection Problems?

If you are experiencing sexual problems, treat it as a warning sign to watch out for your general health. Your sexual function will start improving while you consider the following tips:

  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Exercise daily
  • Avoid stress
  • Enjoy extended foreplay
  • Quit smoking
  • Drink only in moderation or give up alcohol altogether

How Kamagra Oral Jelly Cures Erection Problems?

Kamagra oral jelly is an effective form of sildenafil citrate. It improved blood flow throughout your body, including the penis. You will be able to get an erection when your penis gets adequate blood flow while you’re sexually stimulated. 

Kamagra oral jelly should be taken exactly in the same way as your doctor recommends. Taking Kamagra oral jelly inappropriately won’t be able to produce the expected results. 

Kamagra oral jelly is a prescription medicine that you can obtain from any genuine pharmacy store. If you choose to buy the medication online, make sure to choose a secure and reliable online pharmacy. Some unauthentic online pharmacies provide counterfeit Kamagra oral jelly over-the-counter, which may be harmful to your health.

Take Kamagra oral jelly 30 minutes prior to engaging in sexual intercourse. The medication starts working within 30 minutes, but you might need to wait for an hour before experiencing its peak effects.

You can take Kamagra oral jelly with or without meals as it makes no significant difference. But make sure you don’t take a heavy meal while planning to take Kamagra oral jelly; it can delay the effects of the drug. 

In some cases, Kamagra oral jelly causes certain side effects, including headache, dizziness, flushing, rash, stomach upset, and muscle pain. These side effects of the medication are not very severe and usually get recovered on their own. If you’re concerned about your health or if the symptoms aggravate over time, consult your doctor. 

If Kamagra oral jelly doesn’t work for you, try alternative medications such as Cenforce, Fildena, Viagra, etc. These medications are able to fix erection problems in most patients and allow them to enjoy pleasurable sexual activity with their partners. 

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