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Crest 3D White

Your smile is an important thing that everyone will notice when they first meet you. White and straight teeth are no longer limited to celebrities. The rapid advancement in the field of cosmetic dentistry has made teeth whitening cheaper as well as safer. In fact, you can now buy the Crest 3D White products online and get the task done at your home. However, there are some common myths and questions that prevent people from trusting these products. Let’s talk about those things.

Teeth whitening can affect the tooth enamel

Well, this is not 100 percent true. All the Teeth whitening in Sheffield products manufacturers utilize Carbamide Peroxide or Hydrogen Peroxide as an active ingredient in the tooth whitening gels, strips or toothpaste. Speaking about hydrogen peroxide, it is a bleaching agent that generally converts into water and releases oxygen molecule. So, these are not harmful. However, you should be a little careful about the products as excess use can damage the tissue. Only use the products as instructed by your dentists.

All teeth whitening gels are the same

No, this is not a fact. There is a different range in the strength of the whitening products. The whitening products used by the dentists at their clinics are very strong. However, if you go for the whitening products that are used at home, such as the Crest 3D White strips or gels, they come with a lower concentration. With these, the duration of use will also vary accordingly.

Teeth whitening is not safe

No true. It can be said that cosmetic teeth whitening using hydrogen peroxide has been in use for more than 100 years. Well-known dental bodies across the world have endorsed teeth bleaching as a safe practice. The professional teeth whitening product suppliers will provide the necessary instructions to use the products safely. For better result and to avoid any side effect of teeth whitening, you should consult a professional dentist.

For professional teeth whitening result, you need to visit a dentist

Not true at all. Today, you can easily buy professional strength tooth whitening products, such as Crest 3D White tooth paste, gel and whitening strips online. Besides, all these products are designed to be used at home or using the accelerator lightly and other assistances. Most professional dentists are allowed to utilize strong bleaching gels or other products containing around 16 percent Hydrogen Peroxide and around 35 percent Hydrogen Peroxide.

At such a level of strength, there can be a risk of tooth sensitivity and gum trauma. So, to prevent such issues, all the dentists use a gum barrier which they use before applying the gel. The dentists would generally get a better whitening result in the same amount of time as using the non-dental treatment. But the cost will vary.


Well, if you have the budget, then you can go to a dentist and carry out a whitening procedure. However, for a cost-effective solution, Crest 3D White products will be a perfect option. I hope this information would be helpful for you all.

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