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A few clicks are all it takes today to contact a psychologist and obtain a private consultation on the Internet. Stammering ten years ago, this practice has become widespread. Most therapists now offer this option, which seems to be more suited to patient expectations.

Today, online therapy has found its place. At its beginnings considered as complementary to the therapy in the office (because marginal), it is no longer presented as the first step before a face-to-face consultation.

Is it for everyone?

On the strength of its success, online psychoanalysis thus attracts young patients (20-45 years on average), men and women equally (the latter being more and more numerous to consult, in general), mastering the tools of connection. It is useful in many situations: when you have moved and want to continue consulting the psychologist with whom you are comfortable. When you are constantly on business trips or when the schedule is so tight that it is difficult to make time for yourself.

This option also suits people who have difficulty moving around ( disability, panic disorders such as agoraphobia), those for whom it is difficult to face the gaze of a shrink (eg: perversions and sexual disorders), but also expatriates.

Choosing a good therapist online

But while online therapy prompts more indulgence, it also requires more caution on the part of the patient. It is indeed difficult to know who is in front of you: anyone can claim to be a psychologist on the Internet! Some platforms even invite patients to consult anonymously, these counseling platforms have certified therapists and are best for people who have fear for a face-to-face session with a therapist. Talkspace review confirms that it is one of the most genuine and leading firms that provide online consultancy services for the benefit of people.

How do the sessions work?

Usually, the first contact is by email. Most often, the psychologist explains how the follow-up will take place: how long the consultation will last between 50 minutes and 1 hour in general, how the exchanges will take place. The practical details are set and in particular, what will be the connection software used.

Benefits for both the patient and the shrink

Online psychoanalysis has the merit of facilitating the process and making consultation accessible. Crossing the course is less impressive. Likewise, “going to the shrink” seems less cumbersome. Often, it is this different setting, that of the intimate cocoon, that invites confidence. In a place where you feel good, it is easier to indulge yourself.

Ease, speed, and time-saving are above all the winning trio of this new form of consultation. E-mail, telephone, or videoconference exchange, in one day, it is possible to reach your therapist! A considerable advantage when faced with an emergency or jet lag.

Become more reachable, like a private confidant, the psychologist finds himself desacralized: the patient, having certainly less the feeling of disturbing has then more the reflex to ask for help in case of need. For his part, the psychologist also benefits from this exercise.

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