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SUVs are similar to normal SUV but can only carry five passengers, including the driver. This is because they only have two rows of seats and not three which is typical of a regular SUV. Honda Passport and Jeep Grand Cherokee are two midsized SUV that seems to be similar in various aspects. Let’s put them against one and another and see which one is truly better than the other.


While both the cars appear to have a similar style, their actual dimensions are different. Honda Passport’s height and maximum width are two inches more than the Jeep Grand Cherokee, resulting in Honda Passport being able to provide around an inch more in legroom and two inches more in the rear and front shoulder room. However, the real winner is cargo volume. Honda Passport provides a cargo volume of 41.2 cubic feet while Jeep Grand Cherokee provides a cargo volume of 36.3 cubic feet only. That means Honda Passport can come up with five cubic feet of more cargo, plus more legroom and should room, while the difference in external measurement is not that much.

Winner: Honda Passport is the clear winner as it has more cargo room, legroom and shoulder room. 

The Engine Specs

Even though both the cars have similar dimensions, their engine specifications are rather different from one another. Honda Passport is a front-wheel-drive while Jeep Grand Cherokee runs on rear-wheels. Furthermore, Honda Passport’s engine has a 3.5 Liter and a nine-speed transmission while Jeep Grand Cherokee’s engine has 3.6 Liter and has an eight-speed transmission. While these differences are not major, the biggest difference is in the fuel tank capacity. The Jeep Grand Cherokee’s fuel tank capacity is more than five gallons less than its counterpart.

Winner: Jeep Grand Cherokee is the winner as it has a bigger fuel tank and a better engine.

Interior Specs

Both the vehicles have the standard expected features that we expect them to have such as, Aux Input, Bluetooth connection, Smart Device Integration, along with audio control on steering wheels. They also have climate control – a feature where the vehicle automatically adjusts the temperature to maintain the internal climate manually set. Both the cars also have keyless entry and keyless start, so you don’t have to dig for the keys from your pocket or your purse to get in the car or to start the car. However, Jeep Grand Cherokee does not have adaptive cruise control – ability to automatically maintain distance from the car in front when on cruise control, nor remote engine start or rear a/c. These features, however, are available in the Honda Passport. However, the Jeep Grand Cherokee does have the satellite radio, a Wi-Fi hotspot and a navigation system, which are not present in the Honda Passport.

Winner: This round is a draw, as both the vehicles have the standard features and while some features are in Honda Passport but cannot be found in Jeep Grand Cherokee, the vice versa is also true, some features are in Jeep Grand Cherokee but not in Honda Passport. 

Safety Feature

Both the SUVs are equipped with basic safety features. These include a back-up camera to aid in reversing and an anti-lock braking system which stops the tyres from coming to a complete halt when braking harshly and avoiding the car from skidding. Both of them also have the standard stability and traction control, brake assist and a tyre pressure monitor. They also have multiple airbags including driver’s and passenger’s head and side airbags, to ensure both the driver and front passenger are safe in case of an accident. However, the lane departure warning and the lane-keeping assist are found in the base trim of the Honda Passport, they are only available in the higher trims of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. 

Winner: Honda Passport is the winner of this round as it has more features than the ones in Jeep Grand Cherokee. 


So, as Honda Passport wins two rounds and Jeep Grand Cherokee wins only one and one round are draw, it is safe to say Honda Passport is a better choice than the Jeep Grand Cherokee.  However, before deciding on one, make sure to check out Jeep and Honda and take each one for a test drive.

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