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Healthy living is everybody’s dream. Imagine waking up healthy and going to work as usual. Unfortunately, you realize you are experiencing abnormal reactions in the head during the day. After returning home, you consult your specialist about the possible problem caused by the signs and symptoms you are experiencing. The specialist notices that you might be suffering from hydrocephalus and further asserts that Flowood Hydrocephalus has become a hazardous disease affecting most people in the region. As a result, you need to understand what it entails, the risk factors, and how to prevent it.

What is Hydrocephalus?

Hydrocephalus refers to the creation of fluid in the ventricles in the brain. The additional fluid upsurges the magnitude of the cavities and inserts the pressure on the brain.

Risk factors of hydrocephalus

An individual is likely to suffer from the problem for several reasons, although some notable factors upsurge the risk of hydrocephalus. Multiple risk factors are:

  1. Brain Injury: in most instances, brain bleeding is risky as it contributes to the formation of brain injury. It increases the mortality rate when you fail to be diagnosed early without efficient and effective treatment.
  2. Bleeding in the brain: Brain bleeding results in the formation of a blood clot. The blood clot significantly prevents the movement of cerebrospinal fluid and contributes to obstructive hydrocephalus.
  3. Brain Tumor: tumors in the brain can obstruct cerebrospinal fluid flow, leading to hydrocephalus. Suppose the tumor happens in periventricular brain tissue, the risk further increases.
  4. Inappropriate fetal development: experiencing improper development of the central nervous system, such as the brain, is adverse as it obstructs the flow of cerebrospinal fluid.
  5. Infections: meninges are membranes found in the brain, and if the problem occurs, they get swollen. As a result, meningitis causes scarring of the meninges.

Other risks factors associated with hydrocephalus include:

  •         Premature delivery
  •         Pregnancy difficulties

Preventing hydrocephalus

Generally, it is impossible to avoid hydrocephalus, but it is possible to lower your risks and kids’ risks of growing under the conditions in the below methods:

Prenatal care – in this process, it is advisable to ensure you get prenatal care when you are pregnant. This strategy is critical because it minimizes the possibility of experiencing premature labor that can cause hydrocephalus.

Vaccinations – receiving vaccination allows you to avert illnesses and infections like hydrocephalus. Besides, further screening makes sure you get adequate treatment for illness or infections that may increase the risks.

Safety equipment – in most instances, it is advisable to use safety equipment such as helmets to avoid head injuries when participating in several activities such as riding a bike.

Purchasing safe gear for your kids – it’s vital to safeguard the younger generation in the car seat. Additionally, you can prevent head injuries by ensuring your baby tools like strollers meet the safety belt.


Hydrocephalus is a hazardous neurological disorder that can lead to complex problems. Several healthcare centers do not meet the required standards because hydrocephalus treatment requires highly specialized and modernized facilities. Insertion of vertical shunts is supposed to be done using the modernized surgical system. Jackson Neurosurgery Clinic is one of the forerunners in the sector of neurosurgery globally. Plan your appointment with the clinic for exceptional services.

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