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Healthy skin is a crucial component of life as it is the most noticeable and biggest organ in the body. Everybody who takes care of their looks is concerned about their skin, consults well-trained skin specialists, and uses high-quality skincare products. High-quality cosmetics can improve the appearance of your skin now, and in the future, low-quality goods can be useless and even harmful. The cosmetic specialist in Brooklyn understands this and offers a variety of quality skincare services. The specialist and his team provide the following skincare services: anti-acne facial, body and facial peels, anti-aging facial, VI peel, hydrating facials, among others. Some of the services are discussed further below.

  •         Acne

Acne does not have to be tough to cure. If your skin is prone to acne, the Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center has got you covered as it offers anti-acne facial skincare therapies. The therapy intends to combat acne with minimum adverse effects. The anti-acne treatment includes extraction therapy to clear pores and destroy germs in the skin during anti-acne facial treatments. With an efficient, thorough cleansing, the extraction process removes any excess oil build-up, minimizing the appearance and feel of irritation in your skin layer. Additionally, your doctor can use an elevated blue floodlight to target acne microorganisms in the skin and minimize inflammation. This acne treatment contains a specific disinfectant mask and exfoliation peels to eradicate dry skin. 

  •         VI Peel

The Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center offers VI peels to help to alleviate or eliminate the following skin conditions: skin discoloration, wrinkles around the eyes and forehead, unbalanced skin complexion, and delicate skin. The VI Peel is a non-surgical way of exfoliation that is pain-free; however, you might feel slight discomfort. The procedure takes about 30 minutes from beginning to end, and there is no recovery time. You may experience peeling in the first four to five days following therapy. After applying the peel, you may feel tingly in the specific application; and your skin may become mildly inflamed, similar to sun exposure. For most people, this might take up to 36 hours until the top layer of skin begins to peel away, giving you the results you’ve always wanted.

  •         Hydrating facial

This skincare therapy focuses on nourishing and rehydrating rough, dry skin. The specialist will exfoliate your face to remove dry skin, giving a clean slate for optimal moisture. The specialist will use physician’s care alliance products to treat your skin to obtain healthy, radiant skin. Your skin type and the desired outcome determine the products and treatment procedures utilized throughout the therapy. The physician will assess your skin type during your appointment to decide on your personalized treatment plan. The number of sessions will be determined by the condition of your skin and the nature of your ailment.

Take care and invest in your skin since it will serve as a long-term representation of you. Quality skincare routines and products aid in the maintenance of healthy skin. Moreover, your skin will appear fresher and younger, and your self-image will improve, boosting your confidence. Book an appointment at The Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center by calling, or visit their facility for more advice.


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