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Convert pdf to word

As you know, right now, the world is facing one of the most significant challenges of humanity. COVID-19 has become a pandemic that affects each and every one. Schools have been suspended, and companies have been shut down. The remaining active institution that’s open up until today is the government and hospitals.

Now, because of the unfortunate events, people were forced to stay indoors and had most of the cities in a state of lockdown. Despite these happenings, people found a way to continue their jobs and education. With this, online jobs and online schooling started. Working and learning online is totally different, and because of that, there were new tools for you to use.

One essential tool everyone is using today is pdfs or portable document formats. With pdfs, learning and working online should be easier. You can use pdf as a book, and you can also use pdf as your resume. It’s not just that, because you can use pdf as a word format as well. When you’re using pdf as your tool for working and learning, you may need to have a converter.

Online PDF Conversion Tool

If you’re working with pdf files most of the time, you should know that having a pdf conversion tool is needed. Well, especially if you’re a student who’s taking online classes. Pdf files are essential as a learning tool. It’s used as a book or any format you desire. Well, today, most students are using an online pdf conversion tool to convert pdf to word format.

You might wonder where you can find the best online pdf conversion tool. So if you’re looking for one, you can check out PDFbear. You can just search for this tool using the internet. Using PDFbear is free of charge. You also don’t need to install something on your computer to use this tool.

Quality and Accessibility

You might question yourself, does PDFbear meets your expectation? Well, PDFbear is one of the most popular online pdf conversion tool. There might be a lot of online tools you can see on the internet, but not like this one. PDFbear provides the best quality to its users for free. Aside from that, they also value their customers time.

Accessing this online pdf conversion tool is pretty easy. All you need to have is a stable internet connection. So, regardless of what equipment you have, may it be a computer, laptop, or smartphone, you can pretty much access PDFbear. To meet the standard and expectation of its users, PDFbear partnered with Solid Documents as they offer the best conversions for pdf to word.

The Conversion Process

Converting pdf files using PDFbear is simple and easy. You can follow two different procedures with the same outcome. You can select the files and upload them on the site, or you can just select, drag, and drop. Don’t limit yourself in converting pdf files because PDFbear can also accommodate multiple files at a time.

Once you’re done uploading the files on the system, PDFbear will extract the scanned pages or texts on the pdf file. Once extracted, this online tool will immediately start the conversion process. There’s no need for you to do anything, but the wait until it’s done. After the conversion, you can just download the converted files back to your computer.


Using PDFbear is really convenient, especially if you’re working at a fast pace. Converting pdf files using this online tool usually takes seconds. There are many features PDFbear can offer to its users. It’s not just efficient, but user-friendly as well. So, if you find yourself looking for an online pdf conversion tool, check out PDFbear.

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